‘Yellowstone’ TV: Who is Ethan Lee, the Bearded Cowboy in Barn Pic?

by Jon D. B.

“Ethan Lee FTW.” Yellowstone fans are abuzz with this name after a recent feature ahead of Season 4. But who, exactly, is Ethan Lee?

Right off the bat, we’ve got to show off this picture. It’s a rather fine shot of a rather fine cowboy – and the reason we’re discussing the matter at hand!

It’s been a long time without new Yellowstone episodes now, but the show’s official Instagram hasn’t let up. In fact, their social media, in general, continues to be ever-active. And pretty stellar at that, honestly. Which is why this photo is causing such a stir these last few days.

On July 16, Yellowstone hit fans with “Ethan Lee FTW” (below). Then the flood gates opened. Who is this man? Why have some die-hards fans never heard the name Ethan Lee before if he’s so FTW-worthy? Is he a new cast member for Season 4? Why is he so damn handsome?

Thankfully, there are easy answers available to all of the above. And sharp, long-time Yellowstone fans will be eager to tell others “I told you so!” Let’s begin:

‘Yellowstone’: Answering Those Big Ol’ Ethan Lee Questions

Who is this man? This is Ethan Lee (glad we’ve settled that). Lee is a Hollywood stunt double, wrangler, and pro horseman. A Horsemaster, if you will. In addition, he’s featured in the likes of Free State of Jones, Roots, NCIS: New Orleans, and other prominent Hollywood projects.

Why have some die-hards fans never heard the name Ethan Lee? Ethan Lee looks to be quintessentially Yellowstone, right? So it may come as a surprise to hear his name so prominently featured – and it not ring a bell for fans. Which leads to:

Is he a new cast member for Season 4? No. In fact, Ethan Lee has been around since Season 1 of Yellowstone! Credited as “Ethan” for the show (Ethan Lee is his real name, not a character name), Lee’s work on the show began with Season 1 as everything mentioned in the answer to the first question. His character, “Ethan”, is a Yellowstone ranch hand. Most recently, we saw him in the Season 3 finale.

So no, Ethan Lee is not a new cast member reveal. He’s a long-time player with numerous contributions to Yellowstone.

Why is he so damn handsome? Phenomenal genetics. The world works in mysterious ways.

Should We See More of Ethan Lee?

Lee built a name for himself in the first two seasons of Yellowstone. So much so, in fact, that he would become a featured cowboy and bunkhouse member by Season 3.

According to Double Diamond Equine services, Lee is the husband of Doctor Brennan Fitzgerald-Lee – an equine vet.

“Did you know that Dr Brennan’s husband (Ethan Lee) is cast on YELLOWSTONE?” asks Double Diamond Equine services on their Facebook page, speaking of the actor in relation to his wife, a veterinarian and fellow stunt performer. “He started out as wrangler/stunt performer on Season 1 and Season 2, and then towards the end of Season 2 and all of Season 3 he is cast as one of the cowboys on the ranch and in the bunkhouse!”

“Funny fact: they call him “Ethan” on the show. Dr Brennan and her husband are both SAG-AFTRA Stunt performers,” their page continues.

Now we know, Yellowstone fans!