‘Yellowstone’ TV: Who is Piper Perabo, Set to Join Season 4 Cast

by Jacklyn Krol
Emma McIntyre, WireImage

Meet the newest Yellowstone cast member, Piper Perabo.

Deadline reported that Perabo would join the cast of Yellowstone for Season 4 as a recurring character. She will portray a “protester from Portland who is against the state-funded police force that protects industrialized farming and the killing of animals.”

So, where have fans seen Piper Perabo before?

Perabo was born in Dallas, Texas and is the eldest of three children. She was actually named after actress Piper Laurie. Perabo grew up in New Jersey before attending Ohio University and earning her bachelor’s in theater in 1998. She was visiting her boyfriend in New York City when she was discovered at his audition.

Piper Perabo’s Acting Career

In 2000 she got her breakout role as Violet Sanford in Coyote Ugly. The film’s creators wanted to cast an unknown for the lead with some added star appeal like LeAnn Rimes and Tyra Banks as support.

“I mean it [Coyote Ugly] was really the launch of it,” she told Variety. “That really got me in the door and I’ve been making movies for 20 years now because of it. I think, sometimes, that’s what people still associate me with. It’s weird because I don’t really dance on bars, but that’s OK, I really like the story of a young woman with a dream.”

Piper Perabo has appeared in films like Angel Has Fallen, Prestige, and Cheaper By The Dozen 1 and 2. She has appeared in series including Turn Up Charlie and Notorious.

Between 2010 and 2014, she starred in Covert Affairs as Annie Walker. Her character was a CIA operative spy. The series aired on USA Network for five series before it was canceled, which came as a shock to the cast and fans alike. During that time, she was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2011 in the Best Actress in a Television Series Drama.

The Latest ‘Yellowstone’ Updates

Yellowstone fans have a lot to be excited about. Season 4 is just around the corner, however, it is airing during a new time of year. The show is expected to premiere in November as most popular series do. This will also give the network the ability to cross-promote the show with CBS’s NFL broadcasts.

The Yellowstone spinoff prequel Y: 1883 will begin production on August 23 in Texas. The show will follow the Dutton family as they set voyage on a classic story of Western expansion. The clan will travel across the Great Plains headed west to settle in Montana.