‘Yellowstone’ TV: Who Would Actually Want Kayce Dutton to Be Killed?

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Are there characters that would actually like to see our beloved Kayce Dutton dead on Yellowstone?

Kayce Dutton is one character that has pretty much kept to himself throughout the series. He doesn’t really burn bridges, and if he does, he will finish the job and kill you, so he is done with it. But as we said, Kayce is friends with both the reservation and Thomas Rainwater, due to Monica, and the ranch from his family.

Furthermore, Kayce Dutton is a just and ethical character that is motivated by his morals. He isn’t like Rip and Beth and makes an enemy out of everyone. We call this his Savior Complex. Is it a good thing, or will it be his demise? We have yet to find out.

Livestock Commissioner Kayce Dutton is Loved By People

Since being named Livestock Commissioner, Kayce has put his money where his mouth is and become a Commissioner of the people. He isn’t like these politicians with broken and empty promises. Kayce Dutton means what he says, and he says what he means. Maybe that is because he continuously is stating that he isn’t a politician at all.

When Kayce helped out that family where the husband killed himself, he illegally stole 300 horses from the bank and sold them for $16,000 to give back to the family. When word spread of this heroic action, all the local ranchers and farmers of Montana met Kayce Dutton in his Livestock Commissioner’s office to applaud, thank him, and shake his hand.

Even Kayce’s brother, Jamie, notes that their father, John, never had the people’s respect like Kayce does.

Furthermore, three men meet Kayce Dutton in his office to talk about the possibility of him becoming Governor of Montana when Governor Perry’s term is up. Although Kayce resented the Commissioner job at first, the youngest Dutton has actually started to enjoy the position. As he was telling Monica about his excitement for the Governor job, he was attacked by masked assassins. Boom! End of the season.

Who Would Want Him Dead?

Is Kayce okay? Who would want him dead? Is he collateral damage from the rest of his family?

Yellowstone fans on Reddit question who would call the deadly attack on Kayce Dutton from season three.

“I have watched the last episode a few times. I can understand that John Dutton has enemies, and Beth has many enemies. But what enemies does Casey (Kayce) have? Who would want him dead? Is there more than one person storming the livestock office? Jamie has no reason to kill him. Maybe the militia guys?”

However, if you recall, Kayce Dutton was once a Navy SEAL. This social media user brings up a good point.

“Is it possible he has a few enemies from his time in the army?” (They mean Navy)

The possibility is very real. An unforeseen enemy from the past is returning to rear their ugly head. But would they take out Beth and John as well?