‘Yellowstone’ TV: Who’s the Most Evil Villain in the Series So Far?

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

In a sea of villains, is there one that stands out as being the evilest so far on “Yellowstone?” We may have an answer. 

In three seasons of Yellowstone, fans have been introduced to some pretty heinous characters. However, everything is relative when comparing something such as evil. Sure, Rainwater may be evil, but is he worse than Dan Jenkins?

We will break down our top pick for the worst of the worst on “Yellowstone.” 

First, we should note that fans do not yet know who called the attacks on Beth, John, and Kayce Dutton at the end of “Yellowstone” season three. While we have a feeling it was Market Equities, that is still just speciation at this point. Remember, innocent until proven guilty. 

Here are the contenders for the Dutton’s biggest villains yet. We have Thomas Rainwater, Dan Jenkins, the Beck Brothers, and Market Equities. Don’t get us wrong, there have been other horrible characters, like Wade and Clint Marrow. Jamie, and Garrett Randall, but these powerful supervillains are the only ones to make the cut.  

Dishonorable Mention

First, we have Thomas Rainwater. Rainwater constantly has eyes on the “Yellowstone” ranch but has not used deadly force to try and take over the massive property. For the most part, he acts in the best interest of the reservation. We really wouldn’t consider him a bad guy, but that may change with Angela Blue Thunder in his ear now. Rainwater just wants his people to have the land they did before anyone was here to take it from them. Someday he hopes to take the “Yellowstone” from John Dutton, but not for his own benefit. Instead, he would give it back to the people. 

Dan Jenkins was a threat for most of the series but also hadn’t really didn’t use deadly force. He had motives behind his plan for a resort expansion, which was to get more money in his pocket. Jenkins is was only worried about growing the town and all for his own profit. Regardless of his intentions, he is now dead and didn’t live to see the end of Yellowstone season three. Although evil, he is not the worst of them all. 

Market Equities is about to become a bigger problem than they already are. Although, as we said, we assume they are behind the three attacks, we cannot be certain. Therefore their name is clean. The powerful company hopes to build an airport in the middle of the Yellowstone property and even offered half a billion dollars for the land. So far, they are not deadly. However, after the “Yemen oil deal” statement, they may resort to harsher measures. 

‘Yellowstone’s Worst Villain

Our top pick for the worst villain on “Yellowstone” belongs to the Beck Brothers. Teal and Malcolm Beck are the bolo tie-wearing Texans that have a weird thing for exotic stuffed animals in their office. They have countless offenses against them. 

The Beck brothers, like just about everyone else in Montana, have their eyes on the “Yellowstone” ranch. They poisoned almost $100,000 worth of cattle, killed Dan Jenkins, killed Thomas Rainwater’s best card dealer at the casino, tried to kill Beth, and kidnapped Tate. Yeah, I would consider them the biggest villain in the series.  

Thankfully, both met their end. While Teal suffered a more humiliating death while on the porcelain throne, the other bolo tie-wearing Beck brother was simply shot and left to die. 

Good riddance. But we are just waiting for Market Equities to rear its ugly head in the upcoming “Yellowstone” seasons.