‘Yellowstone’ TV: Why 2 Branded Cowboys Are Likely Abandoning the Dutton Ranch

by Kayla Zadel
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Once you’re a branded man, there’s no going back. And there’s no leaving the Yellowstone ranch. However, is there a possibility that two cowboys are leaving or potentially escaping the long-hold of the permanent brand?

Well, there’s no escaping something that’s been permanently placed on your skin like a brand. But on the other hand, these two wranglers could change the ranch they’re working for. Unlike some of the other ranch hands that are fully committed to the Duttons, Walker (Ryan Bingham) and more recently Jimmy (Jefferson White) have been questioning their decisions.

In recent reports, it’s been confirmed that Jimmy and Walker, do indeed, leave the Dutton ranch. But how? It’s clear that there’s only one way off the ranch and that’s via the train station. There’s been some speculation over the new series and the time period it takes place.

According to Outsider Staff Writer Jon D.B., “both Walker’s Ryan Bingham and Jefferson White’s fan-favorite Jimmy Hurdstrom will star in 6666.” Additionally, the spin-off will take place in the future. It only makes sense because Walker and Jimmy did not know each other before they both became branded men.

So how do these two be done with the Dutton ranch once and for all? And to they really want to bite the hand that feeds them? Those questions remain to be unanswered (for now).

Walker Wants Out of ‘Yellowstone’ Ranch and Lifestyle

Walker was looking for a fresh start when he accepted the job at the Yellowstone ranch. He told Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) when he picked up him from jail that he wants to be “straight” and he has to deal with that pesky thing called parole.

Walker thinks he’s just taking a job at a local ranch but doesn’t realize that he’s soon initiated into the “Dutton Crime Family.” The musically inclined cowboy wants to leave the ranch, but Rip reminds him that since he took the brand, there’s only one way out. That one way being the morbid train station.

As a matter of fact, John’s son, Kayce (Luke Grimes) takes Walker to this so-called train station, but actually doesn’t “put him on the train.” What’s more, Rip and fellow cowboy Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) happen upon the deadman-walking in a bar.

Jimmy Has a Change of Heart

The otherwise naive Jimmy soon has his eyes opened to the Yellowstone ranch’s doings by his girlfriend, Mia (Eden Brolin). Jimmy is a recovering drug addict that John via Rip seemingly saves. However, Rip tells Jimmy that he has to pledge his allegiance to the Duttons with a painful initiation. It’s either that or jail.

After a few speed bumps, Jimmy gets the hang of his new life. He even starts to rodeo and picks up a girlfriend along the way. However, it’s this girlfriend that puts a different perspective on this new-found family of Jimmy’s. Mia explains to Jimmy what the brand means to her.

She tells him livestock typically have a brand that the owner burns or freezes onto their skin. Wearing the mark means that you’re somebody’s property. Therefore, if you get lost, the finder knows where to return you. This starts to change Jimmy’s point of view of the brand. And instead of loyalty, he’s now looking at it as he’s someone’s property. What will Jimmy choose?

For now, we do know that “Yellowstone” season 4 is dropping this June.