‘Yellowstone’ TV: Why Beth Dutton Might Have Attempted to Plant Bomb at Her Office Herself

by Thad Mitchell

While we all continue our wait for a new season of “Yellowstone” to grace our television sets, the theories are coming fast and heavy.

A loyal and dedicated bunch, “Yellowstone” fans aren’t the type to sit around and wait. Instead, many fans of the Paramount Network series are taking to the internet to search out clues and bits of information on the new season. Message board sites, like Reddit, have become a haven for “Yellowstone” fans to discuss the show with other fans.

Many sites have entire forums dedicated to “Yellowstone” discussion. The favorite pastime of many fans is to theorize about what is to come in the fourth season of the modern western drama. There are some real doozies out there in cyberspace and we have hardcore “Yellowstone” fans to thank for it.

A recent Reddit thread discusses the pivotal final seconds of the “Yellowstone” third season. Three members of the prominent Dutton family come under attack as the season comes to a close. The fates of John, Kayce and Beth Dutton are left completely up in the air as they could be dead or alive at this point. While John and Kayce are attacked by gunfire, Beth receives a package that turns out to be a bomb. The package explodes inside her office while she is only a few feet away. The blast rattles the office complex and shatters the windows. The Reddit user suggests that perhaps one of the attacks could have been a fatal mistake. The poster theorizes that perhaps it was Beth who plants the bomb inside her office.

“I need to watch again but from what I remember when Beth’s assistant brings the box and sets it down telling Beth she found a box that was missed,” the Redditor and Yellowstone fan writes. “Beth immediately tells her don’t open that. Was Beth leaving it for the people who were taking over?”

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Says Beth Dutton May Have Bombed Herself

This theory suggests Beth might have intentionally left the bomb in her own office to explode and possibly kill the Market Equities team. Instead, her assistant, unaware of the plan, finds the package and opens it, causing it to detonate with both of them in the room.

While it is a bit far-fetched, it is an entirely feasible theory for “Yellowstone.” If you will recall, Beth partakes in a growing rivalry with Market Equities CEO Willa Hayes. She is furious when she learns that Hayes and her team have bought the company she works for. Furthermore, she is insulted when Hayes says she “should for work for her.”

Could Beth have intentionally left the package bomb in her office, hoping for it to be found by Hayes?

The guess from this angle is no, she did not. Beth is many things, but sloppy — she is not.

Casually leaving a bomb behind in your office seems like a major misstep. Beth is far too intelligent and crafty to leave something like that up to chance. It also seems a little passive-aggressive, and that just isn’t Beth’s style. The Beth Dutton thing to do would be to walk in with her team of cowboys with guns blazing.

With “Yellowstone” set to return in the near future (we hope), answers to our burning questions are coming soon.