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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Why Does the Dutton Ranch Have Clean Trucks and Pristine Cowboy Hats?

by Kayla Zadel
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

If you know anything about working on a ranch, it’s not clean work. Everything gets dirty, your hands, clothes, boots, trucks, horses, and the list goes on. So this begs the question, why does everything, especially the trucks and cowboy hats, look clean on “Yellowstone?” Especially since there’s a lot of dirty work, both literally and figuratively, being done on the show.

Yes, the answer is glaringly obvious. It’s a TV show set. Of course, things are going to look clean and be in the best condition. However, in recent years, many TV shows and movies hire experts that make everything look as if it were real-life. But that’s not exactly the case for “Yellowstone” in all aspects of the series. Sure, some real cowboys have taught the actors and actresses how to ride a horse, and some even rope. But some are thinking other details are overlooked.

In addition to those “industry experts,” films and TV shows have taken advertising money to utilize or feature different brands and products on-screen. This could be the explanation we’re looking for when it comes to these cowboy essentials.

Explanation of Clean ‘Yellowstone’ Trucks

The RAM Heavy Duty trucks are used in nearly every “Yellowstone” episode. The yellow brand is emblazoned on the doors of the RAM trucks, making them the distinct property of the ranch. Even though they make several trips into town, and traverse rocky terrain, the trucks always appear to look like they were pulled off the car sales lot.

Fans of the Paramount Network show have even started a whole Reddit thread dedicated to this topic. User ElliotReidsBajingo posts: “I only want ONE thing from season 4 and it isn’t even close to what you’re imagining/thinking of.”

In addition to the season 4 wish, viewers are speculating why these vehicles always appear to be squeaky clean.

One fan explained: “99.78653% sure Ram is a sponsor so they want them trucks looking dazzling, yo.”

Like we mentioned earlier, it’s nothing new for TV series and movies to take money for product placement. Omega Watches has been doing it for years in the James Bond movies. After all, RAM does sponsor the “Yellowstone: Stories From the Bunkhouse Series” on Twitter.

Maybe there’s a carwash at the Yellowstone ranch or in town, or perhaps it’s one of the wrangler’s duties to wash the trucks. But whatever it is, fans are asking Taylor Sheridan, creator of “Yellowstone,” to either provide a reason for the shiny trucks or give them some dirt.

What About the Cowboy Hats?

Product placement could also provide an explanation for the cowboy hats. However, it’s hard to tell exactly what brand of cowboy hat(s) is used in the series. An American Hat is very distinct because of its patch on the side of the crown. But it could be a Resistol, Stetson, Justin, or Larry Mahan.

Maybe Sheridan picked them up on discount in bulk somewhere. That could explain their immaculate condition. Or maybe he bought them from Trent Johnson of Greeley Hat Works. This probably isn’t the case because Johnson would likely want credit for his work on the show. After all, he does make hats for dignitaries, celebrities, movies and TV shows, and politicians, including President George W. Bush.

From time to time, we do see Beth Dutton wear a Charlie One Horse fashion hat, but she’s not always doing the type of dirty work that would get a hat dirty.

The only other explanation could be that Sheridan has hired a hat shaper to keep these accessories in tip-top shape. All kidding aside, it’s still left up to speculation on why the cowboy hats remain so clean on the Yellowstone ranch.