‘Yellowstone’ TV: Why Fans Are Confused About Number of Houses on Dutton Ranch

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Tom Cooper/Getty Images for SeriesFest)

“Yellowstone” finally dropped their much anticipated Season 4 trailer and the suspense is real. Nearing the November 7th premiere date, the long-awaited release has fans on the edge of their seat. The trailer addresses Season 3’s cliffhanger and jumps into that action-packed momentum we all know and love. While the trailer is everything fans could have asked for and more, it still leaves plenty of questions to the imagination. While fans eagerly prep for the new season, a lot is on their minds. Did fans just uncover a massive plot hole in the series?

Plot holes are never fun. One little mistake can derail the mystery and illusion of an entire series. Screenwriters might not think people will notice, but fans deserve more credit in terms of spotting these little boogers. One of the more obvious ones is Abby’s “NCIS” exit. There were also a couple of holes along the Benson kidnapping plotline in “Law & Order: SVU.” So this begs the question: In “Yellowstone” what’s up with the number of houses on Dutton Ranch?

‘Yellowstone’ Reddit Saves the Day

A certain Reddit thread is gaining notoriety for its close attention to detail in terms of plot lines. It is aptly titled “Questions about Plots dropped, plot holes, characters – SPOILERS.” User ricky_lafleur started off the conversation. They posed a pretty big question about the series. “The governor had cops or bodyguards at her side until she went from the ranch compound to the camp and spent the night, so what did her protection detail do?”

User iheartsev chimed in with a longwinded explanation.

“Avery – she didn’t ‘just disappear,’ she drifted on to somewhere else. When Jimmy won his buckle, he came into the bunkhouse looking for Avery. Someone says she’s gone, Jimmy looks disappointed and someone (Lloyd?) says ‘She’s a drifter–drifters drift.’ Everybody kinda shrugs, it’s no big deal.

The houses–I was confused, too, about the house John eventually gave Rip. but overwhelming comments from others here at the board pretty much confirm that was John’s dad’s place. perhaps one of the original homes on the ranch before the main lodge was built. Its old, furniture covered with dust sheets, crude twig railings. The house that Kayce and Monica stay in at first is referred to by John as ‘the trapper’s cabin,’ which is pretty self-explanatory. It’s just a small simple ‘trappers cabin.’

The booby-trapped plane hasn’t yet been resolved, perhaps it will be addressed in season 4, who knows?”

Series Prequel Sneak Peek

In another life-saving Reddit thread, one user (kesselrunradio) shares exclusive set pics of the new “Yellowstone” prequel “1883.” The user states that filming is taking place in their hometown. That’s how they were able to capture the stars in action. The snaps show Tim McGraw and Sam Elliot in their full-on Western garb on set. With so much new upcoming content for the franchise, fans will soon be satiated.

You can check out the behind-the-scenes photos here: