‘Yellowstone’ TV: Why Fans Are Questioning Mo Plenty’s Character Involvement in Season Two

by Halle Ames

“Yellowstone” fans are questioning Mo Brings Plenty’s involvement throughout season two of the hit western drama. 

While Mo Brings Plenty starts off as a minor background character at the beginning of “Yellowstone”, he turns into a fan favorite in the later seasons and episodes. 

Reddit Questions This ‘Yellowstone’ Character’s Significance

One “Yellowstone” fan on Reddit who is behind on watching the show questions Mo’s character and his significance. 

“Please don’t ruin it for me as I am only on S02 Episode 7. Previously Rainwater said that Dan needed security, and that is what he had Mo for, except you never see Mo do anything. And Jenkin’s guy seems to get beat up by everyone. Does Mo ever do anything?”

Oh, what little you know right now. Don’t worry, in due time you will learn my young grasshopper. 

Other fans chimed in but kept it vague for the curious “Yellowstone” user. 

“Yes. You’ll see more of him at the end of season 2 and throughout season 3,” said one person. Another chimed in, saying, “I thought the same, then he ended up being pretty mind-blowingly cool. My favorite character.”

Mo Brings Plenty seems to be a crowd favorite, along with Rip Wheeler. Despite his boss, Chief Rainwater, not ranking high on everyone’s list, Mo’s loyal and just attitude makes him hard to hate. 

Here comes the spoiler, so if you are Reddit user clarkwgriswoldjr or anyone else that has yet to complete the series, stop reading because I’m about to drop some spoilers.

Mo Saves The Day!

First, we have the instance when Kayce goes on a mission to save Tate in “Yellowstone” season three. Mo paints around the horse’s eyes for good luck and protection. 

Upon further investigation, we discovered that it is commonly believed that Native Americans only painted their horses for battle. However, Native American warriors also painted them before hunts. Specific symbols were reserved for hunting to display a horse’s past achievements and bring protection and good luck to the horse and rider.

The more you know. 

Furthermore, when Monica stood in as bait for a serial killer, Mo swoops in to save her from being raped and killed. After the terribly perverted and evil man is killed, Mo still treats his body with respect but performs a ritual that Reddit fans note potentially traps the man’s soul so it cannot be reborn. 

Angela Blue Thunder also states that Mo is part of a warrior tribe. So, is this where he gets his impressive warrior skills from?

We cannot wait to see more of the beloved reservation right-hand man in season four of “Yellowstone”!