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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Why Fans are Confusing Season 3 for Season 1

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

You would think this would be pretty self-explanatory, but here is why some “Yellowstone” fans are confusing season one with season three.

With a series like “Yellowstone,” you have to start from the beginning to be up to date on all the drama that unfolds. If you miss a single episode, you are in for a confusing few episodes before you use context clues to catch up. But what happens when you skip the first two seasons entirely and just jump right into “Yellowstone “season three? Well, good luck, Charlie.

But why is there any sort of confusion?

Streaming Service Confusion

The answer lies with the streaming service Amazon. If you go to the website, you are able to watch the third season for free. However, not the first two. It’s like a tease… sure, you can watch season three, but you must pay $19.99 for the first two seasons.

At least, that is what one “Yellowstone” Reddit user noted on the social media platform.

Furthermore, the episodes aren’t very well labeled. You may think you are watching “Yellowstone’s” pilot episode where the ranch goes to war with the reservation. However, you are actually seeing Beth, John, Kayce Dutton all potentially die in assassination attempts. Then when you are like, ‘omg, what is going to happen?!’ Then there are no more episodes because you just witnessed the Yellowstone season three finale.

“So last fall, my wife and I were looking for a new show to watch. I’d heard this one was fantastic, so I said I’d watch the first episode and see. Well, when I went on Amazon that night, I didn’t see any season or episode numbers. So I just started it. I couldn’t stop! I did come across a few things and storylines that confused me. I thought there should be more to it. But kept trudging on. I watched a whole season without her! I got to the end of it, and it said something about trying seasons 1&2. I froze. Mouth wide open. I’d watched season 3. I guess that’s karma😂 I never did tell my wife, but we watched all three seasons after that, in short order. Things made a lot more sense after that.”

Yeah, I bet!

‘Yellowstone’ Episodes

Well, according to Reddit, this fan was not the only one. Watching “Yellowstone” in the incorrect order seems to be a trend.

“I did the exact same thing – started on S3 and got three episodes in. Then my husband wanted to watch it, and it was only then I realized….”

In all honesty, the first time I watched the series on Amazon, I missed a whole episode as well. I was extremely confused, to say the least.

One other “Yellowstone” fan notes just how much happens that these people missed out on from seasons one and two.

“That must have been rather confusing to start with season three. So many things in S3 were dependent on knowing what came before, especially understanding how relationships progressed, for better or worse.”

Once you start from the beginning, like any show you watch, “Yellowstone’ makes total sense. Now we just wait for the fourth season.