‘Yellowstone’ TV: Why Fans Think Jamie is Picked On Despite His Contributions to the Dutton Family

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

One “Yellowstone” fan gives their hot take as to Jamie Dutton’s treatment on the show and within the Dutton family. What do you think?

Jamie Dutton has quickly taken a turn and become one of the most hated characters on “Yellowstone.” What started as a confident and powerful lawyer turned into a wormy little deceitful character that is selfish and manipulative. You can tell where my feelings for Jamie fall.

Jamie Dutton: Feel Empathy or Villain?

However, this Reddit user and “Yellowstone” fan goes in-depth about their sympathy for Jamie, blaming his family for turning him into a villain.

“Let me start by saying Jamie is not my favorite character, although I like his character because of how conflicted he is. I feel like Jamie is the black sheep of the family when he actually probably cares the most. Hear me out.”

We will hesitantly hear you out because, at one point, we did have sympathy for Jamie. He would do anything John asked throughout the “Yellowstone” series and just wanted the love and recognition he deserved. But fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Jamie Dutton, I’m not sure how many times you can fool this audience.

“First season, he is the only one who works for the family and seems to be the one trying to help the ranch. He is always working for his dad’s approval, and it just seems like he can’t achieve it. He even went to law school for his dad. Whereas John’s oldest stayed to become a ranch hand, Kayce abandoned the family, Beth moved to SLC, but Jamie stayed and arguably did the most to fight for the ranch. Not only that, but he has helped every single one of them avoid criminal charges. Without Jamie, that whole family would be f**ked.”

Okay, yes. You have our attention. These are all very valid points. Please go on.

“I feel like Jamie being an orphan was literally pulled out of the writer’s ass just to give a good reason to treat him like sh*t, which honestly makes me feel more bad for him.”

‘Yellowstone’ Scene Flaws?

You lost us. First of all, ‘Yellowstone’ isn’t reality. It is a drama with plenty of aspects that would never fly in real life. But I feel as though the adoption scene throws a nice twist into Jamie’s past. The only people that know are John, Kayce, and Garrett Randall. Beth is still in the dark.

Furthermore, John and Kayce still say it doesn’t affect anything. They still refer to each other as brother and son. If anything, it shows that Jamie has a dark past, similar to Rip, and gives him a choice as to which person he wants to be, a Randall or a Dutton.

What do you think he will choose? What will ‘Yellowstone’ throw at us next?

The Reddit user continues, stating that the hysterectomy is also a far fetch, but he was just trying to help. However, the “Yellowstone” fan says that they feel the same way about Beth as people feel about Jamie.


“I get that people probably feel the way about Jamie, the same way I feel about Beth. She’s the worst! Constantly picking on Jamie, stabbing him underneath the dinner table, punching Jamie in the face. She’s a bully! I get that Jamie did some sh*tty things too, but he’s also done a lot for the family that goes unnoticed.”

We can agree that the Dutton family would be sunk without a lawyer like Jamie, but he is spineless. I cannot see past that. In the end, the user notes that if “Yellowstone” makes Jamie into a villain (they already kind of have), then it was because his family made him into one and that John would also be a villain then.

Boy, I cannot wait to see how this plays out in “Yellowstone” season four.