‘Yellowstone’ TV: Why Kelly Reilly Thinks Beth Dutton ‘Resonated So Deeply’ With ‘Psyche in America’

by Thad Mitchell

When it comes to the characters on the Paramount Network hit series “Yellowstone,” perhaps no one is more beloved by the fan base than Beth Dutton.

Kelly Reilly is incredible as the tough-talking and ultra-confident Beth, the only daughter of “Yellowstone” rancher John Dutton. If you were to ask a handful of “Yellowstone” fans who their favorite character on the show is — Beth Dutton would be a common choice. Reilly has won over fans for her portrayal of the “Yellowstone” queen.

Through three seasons of the popular show, Beth has managed to stay at the top of her game. Many have tried to knock her down a notch and suffered greatly for it. With her quick wit, sharp tongue and unpredictable nature, you would do well to stay on Beth’s good side.

There is an appealing factor to Beth Dutton that no other “Yellowstone” characters seem to have. The audience is immediately drawn to her every time she comes on the screen. Watchers of the show seem to gravitate toward her more than any other character. In a 2019 interview, Kelly Reilly talks about Beth’s mass appeal and how the character resonates with so many fans. She credits “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan for creating a “delicious” and lovable character in Beth Dutton.

“So many people are into like ‘strong women’ and we have to have role models…which I totally agree with,” she says. “But, I also want to see real women, flawed women, powerful women, messy women and passionate women. That is what Beth Dutton is to me.”

‘Yellowstone’ Actress Describes Beth Dutton’s Presence

The English actress also notes Beth’s mental, physical and emotional toughness is something fans can align with.

“I think that is why she has resonated so deeply in some sort of psyche in America,” Reilly says. “Because she is bada** and she doesn’t edit herself.”

“Yelowstone” fans hope to see more of Reilly’s Beth Dutton in the upcoming new season but her appearance isn’t a given. Beth is one of three Dutton family member ambushed by an unknown entity at the end of season three.

Beth receives a brown package at her office that turn out to be a bomb. The device detonate inside of her office when her assistant opens it. Beth is only a few feet from the massive explosion that blows out the windows inside of her office complex. Her fate for future seasons of “Yellowstone” is left completely up in the air.

Most fans expect Beth to somehow survive the blast an play a key role in season four, which will premiere this fall. “Yellowstone” watchers are also hoping we get a ranch-style wedding in the upcoming new season. Beth became engaged to ranch foreman Rip Wheeler in season three in one of the show’s best moments to date.

Fans will be hoping to see more of Beth Dutton when the new season arrives later this year.