‘Yellowstone’ TV: Why We Might Not Get a Trailer Ahead of Season 4

by Halle Ames

Yellowstone season four is supposedly approaching soon, and fans have yet to see any trailer or promo video for the long-awaited series.

Why is this? Well, we have a few guesses. Since four main Yellowstone character’s lives currently hang in the balance, it’s hard to give a promo video that doesn’t spoil if they live or die. In fact, since three out of the four Dutton’s are potentially dead, you could only show Jamie, Rip, and a few cowboys from the bunkhouse. To be fair, we’d be happy with any kind of trailer at this point.

Yellowstone season three had dedicated fans like ourselves stunned. We are talking jaw-dropping, sit on the couch and contemplate what you just watched, stunned.

And now, when will we get the answers we so desperately need? Good question. Fans are in the dark about that as well. We have predicted that the premier will come later in the month of June, on Father’s Day weekend. If we are getting exact, we assume the long-awaited debut will be on Sunday, June 20.

When the day finally does come, a party is in order. We’re talking cowboy-themed everything, pin the tail on the donkey, the roping game the bunkhouse men played, pony rides, the whole shebang.

Yellowstone Questions

However, what will Yellowstone throw at us?

Will Beth survive the blast that went off in her office, or did her assistant take most of the impact? Beth was across the room, but was it far enough away only to sustain a few injuries and nothing life-threatening?

Does John’s cellphone, something that he hates, save his life after it took a bullet that was headed toward John’s heart? Or does the little boy, who was hidden in the grass, flag down a car and deliver John to safety? Is the Montana highway the place the family patriarch takes his last breath?

What about Kayce? As a former Navy SEAL, is his training going to kick in? Will he take out all assailants, or is he outnumbered?

Finally, we have Jimmy. Is Jimmy dead? Is he paralyzed? Will Mia or the Yellowstone bunkhouse boys find him in time to take him to the hospital? Are his rodeo days over? Does John (assuming both survive) punish Jimmy for disobeying him by getting back on a horse? Will Mia leave him if he can’t compete anymore? If it comes down to it, will Jimmy choose the ranch or Mia?

Like I said, we have endless questions, and maybe a simple trailer video would give us even a little insight. Just a little taste of what is to come. Is that so much to ask? Throw us a bone, Yellowstone!