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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Why One Fan Claims Potential Season 4 Premiere Date Is a ‘No Go’

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

As the month of June scrolls through its final days, fans of the Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” are wondering when the new season will begin.

Frustration is beginning to mount among “Yellowstone” fans who are eager for the new season to arrive. The source of their frustration isn’t that the season has yet to begin, but the lack of any information regarding season four. The show’s producers have maintained radio silence ever since the third season came to an end. It has sent fans into a tizzy as they dig for any scraps or hints as to when we will get new episodes. Message board sites, like Reddit, have become the headquarters for fans to virtually congregate and speculate. “Yellowstone” watchers share their scraps of information with each other in hopes of confirmation. A recent Reddit post claims the fourth season of “Yellowstone” isn’t premiering anytime soon. The fan shoots down the rumor of an impending July release date.

“July 11 is a no-go,” the Reddit user says in his post. “Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I just scrolled through Paramount’s schedule up to July 12 at 5:30 a.m.” There are still no listings for season four episode one. Bummer.”

Earlier this year it seemed like the fourth season premiere of “Yellowstone” was a lock to occur in June. That will no longer be the case as the month will come to a close this Wednesday. Several cast members hinted at a June release for the new season on their social media pages. Many believed season four would make its debut on Father’s Day, which fell on June 20 this year. All three previous seasons of “Yellowstone” have started on Father’s Day and it seemed a wise bet that season four would follow suit. It turned out to be wishful thinking as the day to celebrate dads came and went with no “Yellowstone.”

Rumors also persist of a “surprise premiere” for the newest “Yellowstone” season. This theory suggests that fans won’t get a heads up as to when the fourth season will premiere and it will appear out of thin air. Another Reddit poster explained why this theory makes little to no sense.

“There isn’t going to be a surprise release,” the Redditor states. “Whenever it premieres, it will be heavily advertised ahead of time. There’s no easier way to completely tank their ratings than to just start the new season with no fanfare. When there’s a premiere date, we’ll know. I understand that we’re all excited, but we’ll have to be patient.”

The keyword here is patience and the need for “Yellowstone” fans to possess this quality as the wait continues.

Hang in there fellow “Yellowstone” fans. We will eventually get our favorite show back and it will be glorious.