‘Yellowstone’ TV: Why One Monica Dutton Scene Left Fans Shocked

by Katie Maloney

A lot of shocking things happen in “Yellowstone.” But co-creator Taylor Sheridan is such an incredible writer, most fans don’t even question whether or not certain events are realistic. However, every so often, there’s an incident that catches fans off-guard. And when that happens, they bring it to the “Yellowstone” thread on Reddit.

Most recently, “Yellowstone” fans used the thread to debate the plausibility of Monica not getting fired after refusing to teach her school’s curriculum to her class.

One user asked, “Does Monica ever get fired/in trouble for hijacking her American History class and refusing to teach the subject?”

The user continued, “I recently graduated with a history degree and had several of my upper-level professors do stuff like that and nothing pissed me off more. So watching it on the show just gets under my skin so badly.’

Another user agreed that they were shocked that Monica wasn’t fired from her position at the school.

“I have an undergrad and grad in history. I couldn’t roll my eyes hard enough when Monica began her wooden affect lecture with dead eyes,” they said. “It could’ve been a great moment for the show, but it was just so cliché and flat.”

They added that they had a professor like Monica during their time in school and they avoided that professor completely.

“I ran across a professor once like Monica and I made sure my thesis never hit his desk again.”

Is Monica Doing The Right Thing On ‘Yellowstone’ By Refusing To Teach The Curriculum?

Another commenter wondered how fair Monica’s reactions were to students paying to take her class.

“I would be irritated if I was paying for a class, and the teacher showed up, huffed at us for being on our phones, and refused to teach,” they said. “I get what she was going for, but was that really a necessary reaction? If she wanted them off their phones so bad, she should have said it before getting mad at them.”

Another user defended Monica. They wrote, “Two things to remember….Think back to who got her that job at the University. John did.”

The user also recalled that Monica made an agreement with the dean prior to accepting the position as a professor.

“I also recall her telling the Dean that she would only take the job if she could teach the class ‘her way’ and he was fine with that,” they wrote.

Another commenter agreed. They wrote, “IIRC she asked the dean what kind of history class and he said something about ‘your history’ inferring that he wanted her to teach it her way.”

Whether or not it’s realistic that Monica hasn’t been fired from her job is debatable. But there is still so much more time to see how everything unfolds. We can’t wait to see what happens during “Yellowstone” season four.