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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Why Rip Actor Cole Hauser ‘Likes’ Showing the Romantic Side of His Character

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

We don’t get to see it that often, but Cole Hauser’s “Yellowstone” character Rip Wheeler has a romantic side he keeps tucked away.

We all know Rip as the large and imposing figure that handily deals with anyone who messes with the Dutton family. A rough and tough “Yellowstone” cowboy at heart, Rip seemingly enjoys getting his hands dirty from time to time. He is extremely to the Dutton family and especially family patriarch John Dutton. Rip will do almost anything to protect his adopted family, even it means breaking the law. We have seen him sentence wayward ranch hand, Fred, to a trip to the “train station,” which is code for killing him. We sentence ranch hand Walker to the same fate, though his life is spared by Kayce Dutton. Rip is strong as an ox and easily wins almost every fight he engages in, with a thrown bout against Kayce as the lone exception. In short, the big and burly cowboy is not someone you want to cross.

But, Hauser has been excellent at exposing Rip’s softer side in small doses from time to time. If Rip has a soft spot, it is his love for Beth Dutton, who became his fiancee in season three. In a recent interview with Hall Wines, Hauser talks about giving Rip the romantic side that we rarely see. He credits “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan for adding that layer to his rough and tough character. He says Sheridan asked if he would be ok with Rip and Beth racing another emotional level.

“Taylor asked if I would be interested in making this a little more romantic,” Hauser recalls. “I thought ‘yes, of course, I would. I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to do that in my career.”

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Enjoys Showing New Side of Character

And thus, romantic Rip was born. Hauser says he was all for the direction that Sheridan wanted to take Rip and Beth’s relationship.

“When he started writing it, it was an absolute pleasure,” he says. “It gave me another character within the show and another color. It’s been wonderful to show that side of me, but also of Rip.”

“Yellowstone” fans hope to see the relationship between Rip and Beth continue to grow. In order for that to happen, Beth will have to be alive which isn’t a given after the events of the third season finale. Beth is the recipient of a package bomb that detonates inside her office when her assistant opens it. She was only a few feet from the huge last that destroys her office complex. Most “Yellowstone” fans believe beth survives the explosion but could be gravely injured. Perhaps romantic Rip will be there to comfort her before he turns back into bada** Rip and destroys whoever is behind the attacks.

That is a dream scenario for “Yellowstone” fans.