‘Yellowstone’ TV: Why There’s Still a Ton of Questions We Need Answered About John Dutton’s History With Wade Morrow

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

With the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” returning in November, fans are pondering which questions might finally get answers.

In the third season, we are introduced to Wade and Clint Morrow, two cowboys for hire with bad intentions. It becomes evident after first meeting them that they are going to be trouble for the Dutton family. The father and son duo seemingly have no bones about kicking up trouble and putting the Duttons in compromising positions. This is later confirmed as “Yellowstone” reveals that the Morrows are agents tasked with complicating matters for the Dutton family.

The Morrows are hired by Roarke Morris and Market Equities to be a thorn in the side of John Dutton, his family and his associates. Using the Morrows as bait, Morris hopes to get some dirt on the Dutton family to use against them in pursuit of their property. The Morrows do exactly what they’re told to do when they almost kill “Yellowstone” ranch hands, Colby and Teeter. The two hands survive the attack and tell the other hands, who form a posse to take revenge on the Morrows. They do exactly that, killing Clint and torturing Wade before killing him as well.

We also learn in the third season that John Dutton and Wade Morrow have a history together. Wade even bears the “Yellowstone” brand on his chest, before it is cut off by the ranch hands. There is a great deal of mystery between Wade and John with a whole left to unpack. In a recent Reddit thread, fans wonder if we will learn more of the Morrow’s and Dutton’s back story.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Curious About Orgin of Feud

“In Season3-Episode7 ‘The Beating,’ here’s what John said to Wade: ‘You having the audacity to step foot in this state again, much less work on the land beside mine. My best guess is that your boyfriend in prison f***ed all the common sense right out of you,'” the Redditor explains. “That brings up some questions that we’ve never heard the answers to, including, why was he in prison?”

Many “Yellowstone” fans believe John is suggesting that Wade took advantage of his trust. As another Reddit user points out, cowboys live by a code built on trust and loyalty.

“You don’t mess with a cowboy’s horse, his saddle, his hat, or his trust,” another “Yellowstone” fan says. “A cowboy keeps his word and always has another cowboy’s back. You break that you’re dead to them and do deserve a beating. Having wrangled I live by this too. You break your word to me we’re done. No second chances.”

While the Morrow’s storyline has effectively ended with their death, “Yellowstone” watchers are hoping for some background. It will be interesting to see what “Yellowstone” writers come up with. Will we see Wade Morrow in a flashback scene? Will the story behind the hatred shared by both men toward each other come to light.

We’re just two months away from getting the answers we crave.