‘Yellowstone’ TV: Wild Fan Theory Predicts Duttons End Game, Transition Into ‘6666’

by Thad Mitchell

As excitement among the show’s massive fan base continues to build, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the new season of Yellowstone.

Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan put fans into a frenzy earlier this year, announcing not one, but two Yellowstone spinoffs. With the show’s immense popularity, creating a spinoff was a no-brainer for Sheridan. The two spinoffs are titled “Y: 1883” and “6666” and both series are currently wrapped in mystery.

That hasn’t stopped the show’s rabid fan base from speculating about the plot of the spinoffs. Of the two, 6666 seems to be generating the most speculative talk. We don’t know a ton about the new series other than it is set at Four Sixes Ranch in West Texas.

We also know that Yellowstone Ranch hands Walker (Ryan Bingham) and Jimmy (Jefferson White) will be a part of the show.

Yellowstone Fans Theorize Plot of ‘6666’

The announcement of the Yellowstone spinoff threw the internet into a frenzy. Online message board communities, like Reddit, became saturated with theories and speculation about what 6666 could be about. There have been some rather wild guesses on the show’s plot, including a recent thread on Reddit. The fan theory suggests that the current Yellowstone plot will smoothly transition into its spinoff counterpart. In this theory, season four would be the final Yellowstone season with the Dutton family selling their ranch and heading to Texas.

“What if Yellowstone transitions into 6666?” the Reddit user says. “By that, I mean John Dutton, after a major discussion with whoever is left of the family, agrees to sell most, if not all, of the ranch. What will happen to the wranglers? Maybe some of them get hired by the 6666 and the new show is off and running.”

Could the Dutton Family be on the Move?

It is an interesting and somewhat plausible theory that ties the past and future of Yellowstone together. John Dutton has witnessed multiple attempts on his and his family’s lives. Perhaps he decides to relocate his family and also workers to the Four Sixes Ranch, which is a real place. The Texas ranch has held success for centuries and is known for raising the finest of cattle. Maybe the Duttons and Yellowstone ranchers also seek out witness protection and are sent to the four sixes ranch.

As we all know, three members of the Dutton family were attacked to close out the third season. We also don’t know their status heading into the new season. John, Kayce and Beth Dutton could be dead or alive when season four arrives. You have to think the assassination attempts will weigh heavy on John’s mind as he contemplates his next move.

While it is a rather “out there” theory, it is fun to speculate on the future of Yellowstone ranch, its workers and the Dutton family. The truth is that we simply don’t have a lot to go on right now — which makes for massive amounts of intrigue.

With Yellowstone, you can never rule out huge surprises. The show often keeps its audience guessing by throwing in major plot twists from time to time.