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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Wild Season 4 Theory Explains How Jamie’s Potential Death Could Help Him Reconcile With Beth & Rip

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Is this the day we have been waiting for? Does Jamie Dutton finally meet his end during the fourth season of “Yellowstone”?

In the past three seasons of “Yellowstone”, Jamie Dutton has gone from a strong, confident lawyer to one that will do anything to please his family to a wormy little snake-like character that is selfish and deceiving. Furthermore, it goes without saying that we were not fans of Jamie by the time season three rolled around.

However, will season four kill off the oldest living Dutton boy? And if Jamie does die, will Beth, Rip, and the other Duttons forgive him for being selfish and abandoning the family?

Yellowstone Fans Debate A Baby Swap

“Yellowstone” fans on Reddit went even further than Beth and Rip just forgiving Jamie. This user predicts that Jamie will die and his unborn child will go to the new couple.

“I think it was supposed to be Rip who betrayed the family. But Rip ended up being such a fan favorite they switched it up to make Jamie the evil one. So now you end up with Jamie being evil, getting redemption as part of his death, and Beth and Rip raising his child,” writes a fan.

Earlier in “Yellowstone”, a flashback reveals that a young Beth was pregnant with Rip’s child. Scared and not sure what to do, she seeks out the advice of her older brother Jamie. Jamie is also a young and dumb teenager and drives her to the nearest abortion clinic. The lady working the clinic informs Jamie that the clinic requires patients to undergo a hysterectomy along with the abortion.

At such a young age, Beth, unbeknownst to her, is now sterile. Naturally, she resents her brother for taking away her choice of having kids or not. Does he feel bad for doing this to her?

I doubt it. Jamie is pretty selfish on “Yellowstone”, and who is to say he wants to be in this baby’s life anyway. Furthermore, who is to say this expecting mother, Christina, is even willing to give up her baby to a family she hates? Also, very unlikely.

Also, does Beth even want kids? Does Rip want them? Additionally, why would they want to raise the child of a selfish brother and his annoying girlfriend that they hate?

Adoption agencies would also look deeper into Rip and Beth’s lives to see how they would be as parents. Rip technically doesn’t exist, and he has killed numerous people. In the end, although I love the “Yellowstone” couple, I’m not sure how great of parents they would make.

Jamie isn’t even family, so Beth wouldn’t feel obligated to raise this none-Dutton child.

In our opinion, all signs point to this not happening. However, we have been wrong before, and “Yellowstone” has thrown us plenty of curveballs in the past three seasons. We can only guess what else is up Taylor Sheridan’s sleeve.