‘Yellowstone’ TV: Wild Fan Theory Suggests How Dutton Ranch May End in Belonging to Monica

by Katie Maloney

“Yellowstone” fans were hoping for a season four premiere in June. But June came and went without any new episodes. The show recently announced that the upcoming season will premiere this fall. So, now, fans have plenty of time to theorize on how the newest season will play out.

The biggest topic up for debate right now is what will happen to the Dutton ranch? Season three of “Yellowstone” left viewers shocked when each member of the family was the target of violent attacks. Fans were left not knowing who, if anyone, survives. So, fans are now trying to figure out the fate of the Dutton ranch, especially if there aren’t any Duttons left to run it. In a recent Reddit thread, fans talked about the possibility of Monica owning the land.

Could Monica End Up With Yellowstone Ranch?

One fan wrote, “Everyone is trying to figure out who killed who… but a theory of mine, if all the Duttons except Monica die, Monica gets the land… and could give it back to the natives… since she believes no one should own all that land.”

Another fan disagreed. They wrote, “This ain’t it Chief lol.” Another fan also disagreed but elaborated a bit more. They talked about how people have attributed certain opinions to Monica without her ever actually sharing them.

“When did Monica ever say she believes that? I think a lot of people attribute things to Monica she never actually said or did.”

Are Monica and John Dutton Actually Pretty Similar?

“Yellowstone” fans have been very vocal about their feelings about both Monica and John Dutton. Some fans love them, some fans love to hate on them. Regardless of whether or not they like the characters, there’s one thing most fans can agree on – Monica and John are very different. But are they as different as we all think?

During an interview in 2020, actor Kelsey Asbille who plays Monica on the show talked about how her character often feels isolated from the family.

“I think that’s something Monica is always, kind of, on her back-foot about,” said Asbille. “She doesn’t understand this family and their dynamic – and what they’re after. In a way, she feels so isolated, even when she tries to be a part of the family… But always ends up feeling so isolated from them.”

However, the “Yellowstone” actor also revealed that the two characters may not be so different after all. In fact, they actually share a fundamental value.

“But at the same time, I think in [Season 2], she does see that maybe John and her have something in common… Which is that fight to keep your family together,” said Asbille.