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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Wild Theory Suggests Monica Has Been Using Tate All Along to Deceive Duttons

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Does this wild theory suggest that Monica Long is actually using her son Tate to deceive the rest of the Duttons on Yellowstone?

Honestly, nothing surprises me anymore with these theories. We have heard that Lloyd could be Jimmy’s father. We have reflected on the possibility that Malcolm Beck is still alive and the one behind the attack during the Yellowstone season three finale. But this…this one is a stretch.

Could Monica Long, Kayce Dutton’s beloved wife, be using their son Tate to deceive the rest of the Dutton family and, ultimately, the Yellowstone ranch? While Monica is a slight wildcard and may be capable of doing something along these lines for the reservation, would Tate?

Tate loves the ranch. John Dutton, his beloved grandfather, even bought him a horse to care for. He would spend the night up at cowboy camp with the rest of the bunkhouse men. Is he even old enough to be this sneaky and pose as a double agent? Don’t you think he would have slipped and told his father or grandfather about the plan?

Reddit Questions Monica’s Loyalties

Yes, Yes. We are poking holes in the story, but here is the theory straight from the curious world of Reddit users and Yellowstone die-hearts.

“Tate is not really Kayce’s son. Monica tricked Kayce into thinking he is to get the land back from the Duttons for her reserve. I bet this is how season 4 plays out. Or maybe not. I’m just speculating.”

Boy, wouldn’t that be a turn of events. And while Yellowstone has thrown loyal viewers some crazy twists and turns that I don’t think anyone saw coming, this may be a lot. But again, who is to say besides Taylor Sheridan himself?

However, when Chief Rainwater was speaking to Kayce, he mentions that Tate looks very similar to his mother. He continues, asking if he looked like Kayce when he was first born. Kayce said it was like looking in a mirror, which Chief Rainwater notes is nature’s way of telling the father that it isn’t someone else’s child.

Could Kayce have seen wrong? Is Tate not his child, but someone else?

Savior of the Yellowstone or the Demise?

Other social media users flooded into the comment section to say that they thought Tate would be the glue and not the wedge for the Yellowstone series.

“I kind of assumed that he would be how they united the tribe and the Dutton family.”

Many speculate that Tate Dutton will be the saving grace of the Yellowstone ranch. They assume that John Dutton will put the property in Tate’s name, and since he is of Native American descent, the land would be sacred property. Therefore, Market Equities could not take the massive Montana estate for their own use of an airport.

Only time will tell, and with no indication on when Yellowstone will air their highly anticipated fourth season, you may need to pick up a hobby, like knitting, to pass the time.

I prefer a wool sweater in a lovely shade of green, please—size medium.