‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler Get Married?

by Jennifer Shea

Will they or won’t they? That was the big question on every “Yellowstone” fan’s mind in Season 3 as Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) proposed to Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser), and as Rip then retrieved his mother’s wedding ring from her grave.

Calamity could yet tear the seemingly star-crossed couple apart again. In the Season 3 finale, Beth disappeared into a cloud of fire as an explosion struck her office. Rip has managed to save her before. But is this latest threat too lethal even for him?

Still, “Yellowstone” fans are really pulling for Beth and Rip. And they’re not the only ones hoping that series co-creator Taylor Sheridan will write a happy ending for the pair.

The ‘Yellowstone’ Bunkhouse Boys Attempt to Plan the Wedding

In a “Stories from the Bunkhouse” featurette from the Paramount Network, the bunkhouse boys –Ryan (Ian Bohen), Colby (Denim Richards) and Jimmy (Jefferson White) – are already planning Beth and Rip’s wedding. Starting, of course, with the bachelor party.

“What would Lloyd’s bachelor party for Rip look like?” White wondered.

Bohen said that Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) would be in the bunkhouse, “just like pinning up one ribbon, you know, standing on a stool with the spikes in his mouth, and like, extra beer.”

“It would be like the same bunkhouse,” Richards chimed in. “With just one little weird ribbon.”

“But like nothing is different!” Bohen added.

As for the wedding, the bunkhouse boys have their doubts as to whether or not they’re even going to see it. Will they be invited?

“I think we’re catering it,” White piped up. “Pretty sure.”

Watch the full discussion here:

What Does Hauser Have to Say About Beth and Rip?

So far, neither actor has dropped any major hints as to how the Beth-and-Rip storyline pans out. But they each have said a bit about their characters’ relationship in separate interviews.

Hauser spoke to Hollywood Life last June about Beth and Rip and whether they’ll end up together. He said that while their relationship has been “up and down,” they are “absolutely” meant to be together.

“I would say that they didn’t know that for a very long time,” Hauser said. “Maybe Rip thought that more than Beth did, but as they grew up into young adults and into their later years, I think they became a perfect match. They’re a powerful couple.”

“Our hearts are connected,” he added of their two characters.

What’s Reilly’s Take on the Characters’ Relationship?

And what about Reilly? She told Esquire in December that she’s been “through hell and back” as Beth, and she’s asked Sheridan where things are headed. If he told her, she’s not sharing it with fans. But Reilly did ponder whether happiness is an end goal or something more ephemeral: “There are moments of it in all our lives and days and… it doesn’t last.”

Uh-oh. Does that mean Beth and Rip’s happiness together will be fleeting? Not necessarily. Reilly still holds out the possibility of a happy ending for the couple.

“At the beginning of Season Three, there is a sort of quiet, healing vibe going on” with Beth and Rip, she explained. “I found those scenes really interesting to play. Whether it lasts or not, it wouldn’t be a drama if it was constant. I don’t think that we’re at the happy ending stage yet, but I think there’s a glimmer of happiness and where that happiness and where that peace could live, you know what I mean?”

One thing’s for sure: if Beth and Rip do get married, they’d better invite the bunkhouse boys. Just as long as the couple doesn’t let them handle the bachelor party.