‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will Christina Return With Her Baby to Find Jamie in Season 4?

by Jon D. B.

As the wait for Yellowstone Season 4 slugs on, the right questions are gaining hard traction. For instance: is the fallout from Jamie Dutton’s biggest plot hole finally around the corner? Will fans get the Christina closure we so desperately desire?

Honestly, we could just keep on with the questions. Did Jamie put the hits out on his own family? If they survive, how long will it be before one Dutton kills another? Where the hell are Tate’s dinosaur bones?

Sorry, wrong theory. (But seriously, where are the ****ing dinosaur bones?)

As for Jamie, perhaps his biggest plot hole continues on in the absence of Christina and her (see: their?) baby. We haven’t seen hide nor hair of Jamie’s old romance, played by Katherine Cunningham, in a good long while. So what gives? Will Christina return to drop a bombshell on the Duttons? Or will Jamie seek them out to build himself a new family?

Yellowstone fans want to know, and they’re taking to the ever-active Yellowstone Reddit board to discuss. But first, let’s do a bit of recapping. And as always, spoilers ahead!

The character of Christina wound up in eight episodes of Yellowstone total. Through it all, she became quite the flame for Jamie as his campaign manager for his Montana Attorney General race. Then she disappeared without a trace.

At the time, Jamie’s life on the ranch with his family was interrupted when Christina called revealing she was pregnant. Knowing the dangers the Duttons present (and frequently voicing her “disgust” for the family), she gave Jamie an ultimatum: start a new family with her, or continue on with a family that had clearly alienated him.

Afterward, Christina made no further appearances. So what gives? She has to have had the baby by Season 3’s end. As such, where is Christina and Jamie’s baby? Is the baby even his? More questions!?

Reddit Fans Dissect Christina’s ‘Yellowstone’ Fallout & Possible Resurgence

Asking all the right questions, Redditors want to know where things will end up for Jamie in Season 4. Taking to the “baby mamma” conundrum specifically, one poster states that they “firmly believe Christina (Jamie’s baby momma) will be back in Season 4.”

“I think the threat Beth made about Jamie finding someone to love him and Beth killing it with her bare hands must be played out,” they continue. “Otherwise, who cares if Jamie got some chic pregnant, if not Beth. I also think just the attack that was made on John and Beth will be enough to send rip off on a killing spree.

“And on top of all that,” they add, “I just don’t see them killing off the main female lead in the show this early in the series —- maybe in the last season. No way Monica can pick up the slack as the main female in the cast.”

Well, that last part is a matter of opinion, but we can’t say we disagree with how indispensable Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton is. To this end, Beth may be the very one to discover Christina’s pregnancy – and deliver true consequences for her adopted brother. He is, after all, the one responsible for her inability to become pregnant, as Yellowstone revealed.

“Oh VERY good point about the foreshadowing on something Jamie loves. I had not previously thought of this,” another Redditor agrees, with one more asking if “You think she’ll kill the kid or push Christina away from Jamie by telling the truth?”

Will Beth Take Advantage of Christina & Her Baby?

The writing is certainly on the wall. Showrunner Taylor Sheridan does, after all, love him some heavy foreshadowing.

“I see her coming back in the picture if she gets wind that the Dutton’s lives are hanging the balance, she hears how much money the land is worth, and that Jamie is power of attorney,” another fan ponders of Beth’s possible Season 4 play.

“She could decide to finish writing the story that the journalist that Jamie killed had wrote too. Or, Beth and Kayce will see her in some nearby town and see her pregnant belly and do the math and assume that it is Jamie’s,” they add. “I can’t remember if his family met her or not though. Bottom line, she’ll be back.”

With Jamie the only Dutton family member who managed to escape injury in Season 3’s explosive end, he remains a prime suspect. And if he had anything to do with hurting his own, you best believe Beth Dutton will do everything in her power to hurt him back.

We’ll know soon enough when the trailer for Yellowstone Season 4 hits – most likely this month – ahead of its Summer 2021 release date.