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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will the Delay of Season 4 Hurt the Series’ Ratings?

by Megan Molseed
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Even before the season three premiere of Paramount Network’s massively popular western series, “Yellowstone” aired, the network confirmed that a season four would be in the works. However, the show’s season four release date has yet to be announced. Making some of the more hard-core fans a little antsy. In previous seasons, “Yellowstone” premiered sometime in June. 

According to the online duo, Matt and Jess Carter’s “Matt and Jess TV Commentary,” the hit western-drama series found a spike in its fanbase during season three. 

The online duo noted that looking back on ratings, “Yellowstone” gained quite a few fans. 

“Yellowstone” Saw Huge Fan Increase in Season 3

“More than 3.9 viewers a week watched the new episodes live,” the website noted. “That’s just a fraction of the overall audience when you factor in DVR viewings, repeats, and streams.” 

The pop-culture duo went on to note that “Yellowstone” has now become one of the biggest shows on cable. 

In the June 19 post, the duo noted that they have discussed “Yellowstone’s” still unknown premiere date. However, they haven’t touched upon how the delay may affect their newly- gained viewership. 

“One important side of this we’ve left uncovered is simple: The show’s performance,” the duo noted. Then posing the question about whether or not the delay in the season four premiere may hurt “Yellowstone’s” viewership. 

Fan’s Are Still Eagerly Awaiting Season 4

Matt and Jess Carter noted that June will be a wonderful month to premiere the show because there is little competition with that schedule. Additionally, the team noted that a late spring or early summer premiere date is perfect. This would allow the season could wrap up before the NFL season starts in the fall.  

However, the duo did note that starting in June may pose some other scheduling concerns for the drama. 

“We’ve also said in the past that the network may be worried this year about 1) Independence Day airing on a Sunday, a bad night for TV and 2) the Summer Olympics starting later in July,” Matt and Jess noted. 

“They may think it’s better to wait until those things are over so it can command more of the spotlight,” the post continued. “It will still be able to premiere before football, even if it ends up colliding with it down the road. They may also be thinking that allowing more time to get new viewers isn’t a bad thing.”

The famous duo added that they don’t feel that season four will bring the same increase in “Yellowstone” fans. But, they said, if the hit drama surrounding the Dutton’s Ranch loses viewership, it would not be due to the season four delay.  “If the show does drop off or fail to gain in total audience, we don’t really think the extra wait will be a factor in it,” the duo predicted.