Yellowstone’ TV: Will Filming for Season 5 Begin Before Season 4 Debuts This Fall?

by Thad Mitchell

Fans of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” continue to wait patiently, or impatiently for some, for a new season to arrive.

“Yellowstone” creators made waves last week when they released a trailer for season four and announced the show’s return this fall. No exact date was given by producers and there is still a great deal of mystery surrounding the new season. Despite the unknown, excitement for season four is growing among the show’s enormous fan base.

Fans initially believed the new season would premiere in early summer with a late June date the subject of rumors. Once June ran out of days, many believed a late summer start was in store for the show. “Yellowstone” producers decided to put everyone’s minds at ease by pushing the starting date into the fall season. While it isn’t ideal, the show’s loyal followers are happy to finally have a sense of timing regarding the new season premiere.

It was believed filming for the fourth season had wrapped up earlier this year but that was not the case. Just last month, many believe “Yellowstone” filmed at least one additional scene for season four. The show may be undergoing some re-shooting of certain scenes and situations. Or, given the hype around next season, creator Taylor Sheridan is just trying to keep fans guessing.

The bulk of the season, however, is most likely complete with staff likely still doing some “touch-ups” on certain aspects. Now, another question has popped among “Yellowstone” fans and that is when will season five filming begin.

‘Yellowstone’ Filming Affected by Pandemic

Through its first three seasons, “Yellowstone” has typically done a bulk of its filming in the summer months. That was not possible for season four due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As it did with most everything, the deadly pandemic threw a wrench into the show’s filming plans. Still, some are speculating that filming for season five could begin before summer ends.

“Yellowstone” is filmed in Montana, which means cold and snowy winters. Unless you’re aiming for a good deal of snow scenes, it would be wise of producers to get some filming done before November begins. We have yet to see a winter of Yellowstone Ranch, as most of the show’s action takes place during summer. A snow-covered ranch might make for some interesting storylines for the show.

There is also the fact that “Yellowstone” has yet to be officially renewed for a fifth season. While most everyone expects the show to get a season five, it hasn’t been reported to be a done deal yet. Given the immense popularity of “Yellowstone,” all signs point to renewal.

There are many questions for “Yellowstone” to answer in the upcoming fourth season. Chief among those is the status of series protagonists, the Dutton family. As many as four primary characters on the show could be dead or alive.

Thankfully, answers to our burning questions are coming soon.