‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will Jamie and Kayce Dutton Become Political Rivals?

by Jennifer Shea

As Season 3 of “Yellowstone” ended, Kayce (Luke Grimes) and Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) were on a slow-motion collision course. Both were potentially looking to hand the Dutton ranch down to their young families, and both were involved in politics.

Now The Express is pointing out a potential conflict for Season 4: Could Kayce and Jamie become political competitors?

During Season 3, Kayce began at least thinking about running for governor of Montana. But with state Attorney General Jamie Dutton jockeying for power alongside him, he could be in for a pretty rough ride should he choose that path.

‘Yellowstone’ Sets Up Kayce vs. Jamie Battle

Initially, Kayce got into politics very reluctantly. It was at his father John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) behest that he finally accepted the role of livestock commissioner.

But as Kayce settled into the job, he found, to his surprise, that he actually liked it. He liked helping struggling local ranchers. He liked taking the fight to the bad guys. He liked the appreciation of his constituents.

As for Jamie, there’s no question that he likes his new role as AG. He’s been eyeing a political career for a long time, and now he’s finally living it out. And even if the discovery that came with that new role – namely, that he is adopted, and that his biological father murdered his mother – complicates things a bit, he still doesn’t seem to be looking back.

Kayce and Jamie have never really clashed before. But with only one ranch to hand down to the next generation, and state politics being a small world, they’re headed for conflict sometime in the not-too-distant future.

What the Actors Behind the Characters Say About Season 4

In a December interview with Monsters & Critics, Grimes hinted that Kayce and John Dutton may grow even closer in Season 4, despite their differences in the past.

“I think in the last couple of seasons, and even into the upcoming Season 4, there’s always a pattern of them mending that, seeing eye-to-eye, and figuring each other out,” Grimes said. “Those have actually been some of my favorite scenes, just filling each other in on who they’ve become.”

Grimes added that family loyalty is a big motivator for Kayce as the seasons progress. It’s a fascinating development for his character, who started out the series so alienated from the Dutton clan.

“I remember the first time that we shot a scene where Kayce’s sitting at a desk,” Grimes said of Kayce’s growing into his commissioner role. “It just felt so foreign and definitely didn’t feel like something he would want to do. But it’s been also nice to see him man up and take on more responsibilities.”

For his part, Bentley told Entertainment Weekly that all options are on the table for Jamie, including going full villain. He said “Yellowstone” co-creator Taylor Sheridan wrote his way to a clean slate at the end of Season 3, and he has the ability to take the plot in any direction now.

“I agree with that,” Bentley said, of the possibility that Jamie could become a “Yellowstone” villain. “I think it’s going to be a really interesting thing to see. I can’t say if it it will or it won’t, but that’d be a really interesting path to take.”

And with the Season 4 premiere happening sometime in June, it won’t be long before fans find out what Sheridan has up his sleeve.