‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will Jamie Dutton Go Searching for Half-Brother We Don’t Know About Next Season?

by Joe Rutland

“Yellowstone” fans, like you, Outsiders, are looking ahead to Season 4’s premiere. Yet a question looms over Jamie Dutton on the show.

Will Jamie, played by Wes Bentley, take off and look for a half-brother that we have not met? It’s an interesting thought, especially with the Duttons on the prowl to get even. After all, do you think John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, and his family members aren’t going to get retribution for being shot?

They are going to seek those people out. Fans, though, are trading “Yellowstone” questions and comments on the “Jamie half brother” thread.

One Redditor posed a question with other fans asking, “Does anyone think Jamie will seek out his half brother?”

Upon seeing the question, one user wrote, “I think it’s more likely that his half brother would seek out Jamie – especially if Garrett tells him who Jamie is.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Brings Up Garrett Randall Mentioning Something About a Half-Brother

So, a fellow Redditor named iheartsev wrote, “Remind me, Garrett Randall [played by Will Patton] mentioned Jamie has a half-brother…where? Do we know any more than that? I’m glad you brought this up–its an interesting side note that I hadn’t even thought about.”

Kokopatti2320 replied, “When Jamie was talking to Randall he asked if he had any brothers or sisters. Randall replied a half brother and a couple of cousins, a 90 yr old grandfather in a nursing home.”

Well, “Yellowstone” fans were definitely on the ball when it comes to backstories.

Realistic_Alarm1422 said, “Randall’s introduction has escalated everything in the show. Writers of the show can take it anywhere. That whole backstory can be [a] couple of seasons. Where does JD get that attitude from? Why? Lloyd’s story. Do Randall and Lloyd have some connection? Ooh. That’ll be goooood!”

Another of the Show’s Fans Wants to Know Who Are the Half-Brother’s Parents

Then 7Ruby18 wrote later on in the “Yellowstone” themed thread, “The big mystery is — who are his half-brother’s parents? Is Garrett the half’s father or was his wife/Jamie’s mom (Phyllis), the half’s mother? Since John didn’t mention Jamie’s mom having other kids, I’d have to think Garrett is the half’s daddy. Either way, that brings up another mystery — what happened to the first spouse who is the other half of that familial coupling? What happened to Garrett’s first wife or Phyllis’s first husband? Ah, the soap opera thickens…”

“Yellowstone” airs two episodes for the Season 4 opener on Sunday, Nov. 7. Tune in on the Paramount Network.