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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will Jamie Reconnect With Dutton Family Before Series Ends?

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

With Yellowstone‘s plot doing everything it can to push Jamie away from his family, is there any chance he’ll find a home again with the Duttons? Avid fans have a few ideas on the matter, and are taking to Reddit to voice their theories ahead of Season 4.

To say we’re all ready for Yellowstone Season 4 already is an understatement. The wait for this season has felt brutal, especially with the complete absence of any teasers or trailers whatsoever. In this mighty void, fans have become uber-active on Reddit. Here, the Yellowstone board lights up with theories and commentary on an hourly basis, and some of it is quite intriguing.

The latest fan subject to gain traction revolves around the ever-troubling adoptive Dutton, Jamie. Wes Bentley’s slippery character has become a driving force behind much of the show’s most impactful drama. Like many of us Outsiders, though, Reddit fans still can’t buy into Jamie going fully rogue from his family. Adopted and mistreated or not, Jamie still has love for his kin. Could he ever fully betray them, or is this just another difficult stepping stone in Jamie’s fraught journey?

Discussing exactly this on Reddit, one leading fan proposes this question: “Am I the only one who felt that the adoption reveal for Jamie seemed like retcon?

“Almost seems like they don’t quite know what to do with Jamie, and this was just an easy way to separate him from the family,” the Yellowstone viewer adds of the Season 3 revelation.

Those of us watching at the time always felt something was up with Jamie. But having know absolutely nothing of being adopted with his prestigious legal background felt… odd, to say the least.

‘Yellowstone’s Adoption Storyline ‘Just Didn’t Make Any Sense’ Say Fans

“The adoption just didn’t make any sense to me,” another fan echoes. “Like you said there was plenty of reasons in the plot already for Jamie to go against the family, but they also had him on a path where he could have been redeemed.”

Some fans, however, refuse to take this reveal at “face value”. It’s never this cut and dry with the Duttons, is it?

“I think it’ll turn out he’s a cousin or somehow related through his mom. John spoke like he knew Jamie’s mom,” the fan theorizes. “And I could see how one would think hiding a history like that from a kid would be for the best.”

For our part, Outsider feels that Jamie will go his own way – for a time. He has, after all, done this numerous times over the first three seasons. Yet he always ends up back at home. When push comes to shove and his father’s, sister’s, or brother’s lives are on the line – Jamie will be there for them. We’d put money on it.

His divergence from the ranch itself seems like a given. This does not, however, mean Jamie will forsake his kin for good – or be the one to kill his father, as Season 3 wants us to believe. It just isn’t in his character.

At least not yet. Where Yellowstone Season 4 takes Jamie is anyone’s guess at this point. Perhaps, then, we can only hope that John & the Duttons start doing more to let Jamie know he will always be family. Otherwise, further trauma and betrayal from their side may end up pushing this volatile man too far. But from what we’ve seen so far, he’s just not there yet.

Come Summer 2021, we’ll have (hopefully) more answers given than additional questions.