‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will Jamie’s Biological Father, Garrett Randall, Become John Dutton’s New Enemy in Season 4?

by Thad Mitchell

With a timeline now in place for the premiere of season four, the excitement level among the “Yellowstone” fan base is reaching new heights.

With news of the popular show’s imminent return, fans have also ramped their speculation efforts for the new “Yellowstone” season. The show’s producers recently revealed new cast additions for the upcoming new season. There are certainly a number of interesting additions to the already stellar cast of the Paramount Network series.

It is the return of one particular character that has caught the eye of the “Yellowstone” fans. Will Patton, who plays Garrett Randall on the show, is now a “series regular” for season four. Randall is the biological father of Jamie Dutton and also has a very troubled history, to say the least. His elevation to a full-time role has fans theorizing just what it could mean for Jamie, the Dutton family, and also Yellowstone Ranch. Many also believe Randall could be the family’s top enemy in the upcoming season.

We meet Garrett Randall toward the end of “Yellowstone’s” third season. The wheels begin to turn when Jamie requests a copy of his birth certificate. Upon receiving it, Jamie discovers that he was adopted by John and Evelyn Dutton when he was just a baby. After confronting his adopted father, John Dutton, he is disappointed with his reactions and ventures out to find his real father.

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Coming This Fall

He tracks down and visits Randall, who tells him the horrific story of his infancy. Randall kills Jamie’s drug-addict mother when he discovers his infant son sucking on a crack pipe as if it were a bottle. Realizing he wouldn’t be able to give his son the life he deserved, Randall kills his mother. He also tells Jamie that his actions were justified as it was the only way to give his son a shot at a decent life. After slaying his wife, Randall vows to stay out of his son’s life. That all changes at the end of the season, as Jamie grows somewhat closer to his biological father.

Jamie confides in his biological father and tells him of his troubles regarding Yellowstone Ranch. After telling him of his issues with John Dutton, Randall makes a bold statement, seemingly suggesting that Jamie take John Dutton down and keep “Yellowstone” for himself.

“The only way to take down an empire is to kill the king,” Randall tells Jamie.

This statement has led many “Yellowstone” fans to believe that Jamie and Randall are behind the attacks on the Dutton family. John, Kayce and Beth Dutton all come under attack as the final seconds of season three tick away. The fates of all three are left unclear as season four approaches. Now, many fans are convinced that Randall is the mastermind behind the hits.

With Garrett Randall actor Will Patton now with the “Yellowstone” cast full time, these fans very well could be right.