‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will Piper Perabo’s Summer Be a Friend or Enemy of the Dutton Ranch?

by Katie Maloney

As all you dedicated “Yellowstone” fans already know, there are lots of new faces joining the show for season four. Although “Yellowstone” hasn’t released very many details about the new characters, fans are already debating who will be good and bad for the Duttons.

Joining the cast will be actor Jacki Weaver. Weaver will play Caroline Warner, the CEO of Market Equities. Actor Kathryn Kelly will also be joining “Yellowstone” as Emily, a vet tech who soon strikes up a relationship with one of the cowboys. Young actor Finn Little will portray Carter, a young boy who Beth takes in at the Yellowstone ranch. Lastly, actor Piper Perabo is joining the cast as Summer Higgins. Summer is a protestor from Portland who is against the state-funded police force that protects industrialized farming and the killing of animals.

Fans are already speculating about all the trouble Perabo’s character could cause for John and the Yellowstone ranch next season. Fans already know that the Duttons have considerable political influence. And they’d used those influences to protect their landholdings. However, Summer’s protests could upend some of the structures that allowed for the political flexibilities the Duttons have been taking advantage of. If Summer is able to gain traction with her protests, the Yellowstone ranch could be under far more scrutiny than it’s used to, which would threaten to expose the Duttons’ dark secrets.

These protests could also cause police to reconsider their decision to protect the ranch. This could increase the Duttons’ vulnerability to investigations.

Fans have also pointed out that both John and Beth Dutton, if they survive, will probably be spending a lot of time recovering in the hospital. Without two of the ranch’s most vicious protectors, Summer could have more access to the ranch for her protests. These protests could also be exploited by Market Equities. The company is already vying for an opportunity to take down the Duttons.

Taylor Sheridan Said He Like to Hire People Who Were ‘Good to Me’ When He Was Just Starting Out

Fans are also hoping that actor Dabney Coleman will return next season. Fans got a glimpse of Dabney during the season two finale. “Yellowstone” featured flashbacks of john Dutton with his father. Dabney played John’s father during those scenes. Fans really enjoyed seeing John interact with his own father. So, will we see Dabney return for season four of “Yellowstone”? The honest answer is, we don’t know. But we do know that “Yellowstone” co-creator Taylor Sheridan loves to cast people he met while just starting out in show business.

During an interview in 2019, Sheridan talked about his hiring process.

“It’s funny; I’ve employed a lot of people who were good to me when I was a young actor,” said Sheridan. “There’s something about that show that lends itself to hiring friends and family.”