‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will This Ranch Hand Play a Bigger Role in Season 4?

by Thad Mitchell

A recent post on the show’s social media page has fans of the Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” wondering what the new season holds.

Even if it isn’t the news they wanted, “Yellowstone” fans are still rejoicing over the return of their favorite show late this year. Many fans of the show believed the fourth season would debut in early summer with June 20 a likely start date. The focus then shifted to late summer with the theory that “Yellowstone” is smartly dodging direct competition with the summer Olympics. Sensing frustration amongst its robust fan base, “Yellowstone” officials decided to finally reveal a premiere timeline. The fourth and latest season is set to premiere later this year in the fall.

With a timeline now firmly in place for season four, fan speculation has shifted to what the new season might bring. “Yellowstone” often uses social media to engage its fans and followers, as it did with a post just yesterday (Thursday). The subject of the post, however, got fans curious as it almost seems to be out of place. The photo in the post is a simple shot of a ranch hand hard at work on the Yellowstone cattle ranch. But it is a curious selection, to say the least — take a look for yourself:

“Ethan Lee for the win” the “Yellowstone” social media post proclaims.

In the photo is actor and horseman Ethan Lee, who plays ranch hand Ethan on “Yellowstone.”

‘Yellowstone’ Post Raises Questions

While it is a fairly standard ranch hand photo, fans are curious as to why Ethan is chosen to appear in the shot. He’s not considered a major character on the show and is rarely shown, having appeared in only a handful of episodes. Ethan doesn’t get much screen time at all and rarely has lines on the show. You would expect fellow ranch hands like Colby, Teeter or Ryan to appear in social media photos. It makes the choice of using Ethan all the more intriguing.

Numerous “Yellowstone” fans chime in on the post, expressing their thoughts on the post. Some even suggest that Ethan get more screen time in the upcoming brand new season. Others plead with “Yellowstone” creators to put season four out a little earlier than expected. Some fans even ask for more cute cowboy photos.

“You can introduce all the hottie cowboys you want to this amazing show but if Rip ever goes — I go,” a fan says. “That character holds the bar when it comes to the definition of ‘man.'”

Will we see more of Ethan Lee when the fourth season of “Yellowstone” arrives? Will he rise up the bunkhouse ranks to take on a leadership role in the new season?

It sure looks like a possibility with this latest social media post.