‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will Rip’s Name Become a Popular Baby Name?

by Thad Mitchell

As one of the most popular shows currently on television, actors on Paramount Network’s “Yellowstone” get a lot of attention.

The show’s popularity cannot be understated as it has an enormous and still growing fan base. It is a base of fans that should continue its steady growth as more and more people give “Yellowstone” a chance. Through three seasons, the modern western drama has become a hit in the ratings and one of the most-watched shows on TV. Its immense popularity comes from its accurate portrayal of the “cowboy culture” and ranching lifestyle. The show also excels at producing high-level and captivating drama that is akin to some of the top shows in history. “Yellowstone” is full of twists and turns that keep its audience at the edge of their seats.

Another reason for “Yellowstone”‘s rise in the television rankings is its tremendous cast. Spearheaded by Hollywood icon Kevin Costner, the cast is a mix of young and veteran talent that pops off the screen. One of the many rising stars on the show is Cole Hauser. The actor plays bad-to-the-bone cowboy Rip Wheeler on “Yellowstone” to near perfection.

‘Yellowstone’ Baby Names On The Way?

Rip is undoubtedly one of the most popular, if not the most popular, characters on the show. Just how well-liked is Cole Hauser’s rough and tough cowboy character? Some “Yellowstone” fans believe the name “Rip” could become a heavily used baby name in the near future. Fans of the show discussed this topic in a recent Reddit thread.

“I wonder if ‘Rip’ will become a popular baby name in the next few years because of this show?” a Reddit user writes. “‘Rip’ seems like the name of someone that no one would dare f*** with. It’s strong, albeit a bit violent.”

Time will tell if we see a bunch of “Rip” babies in the future but we wouldn’t be surprised to see this come to fruition. “Yellowstone” fans are a loyal and dedicated bunch, to say the least, and “Rip” is a cool name. It is very conceivable to think about a rise in the name “Rip,” even if as just a nickname.

Could other “Yellowstone” character names catch on? Could we see a few “Tates” or “Walkers” or even “Teeters” in the future? Perhaps not, but it is food for thought.

“Yellowstone” fans can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Cole Hauser and Rip Wheeler. In the recent teaser trailer, which was released just a few weeks ago, we say that Rip is the first to come upon a dying John Dutton. Rip begs John to hang on as he bleeds profusely from his chest after being shot several times.

“Don’t you die on me, John,” Rip pleads. “Not like this.”

With “Yellowstone” set to return later this year, the quest for answers will soon come to an end.