‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will Ryan Actor Ian Bohen Find Love in Season 4?

by Halle Ames

Will “Yellowstone” character Ryan, played by actor Ian Bohen finally find himself a love match in season four?

Throughout all three seasons of “Yellowstone,” Ian Bohen’s character, Ryan, is the only character we can think of that hasn’t had any sort of love interest. The bunkhouse cowboy and livestock agent is woman (or man) free and seems to be okay with it.

If you haven’t thought about it yet, let me break it down for you.

‘Yellowstone’ Relationships

John Dutton had his wife, Evelyn, but after she died, he began to get friendly with Governor Perry. A very smart business decision on his part for the “Yellowstone” ranch.

Kayce is married to Monica, and the two have been loyal to one another since the start of the series… Well, besides when Monica kissed her physical therapist.

Even odd and dorky Jimmy has Mia. However, prior to his buckle bunny girlfriend, he has his eyes on fellow bunkhouse cowgirl, Avery.

Beth has her hunky and bad*ss fiancé Rip, but before she was locked down with a ring, she used her flirtatious ways to destroy enemies of the “Yellowstone.” She also had a quick fling with Walker.

Speaking of Walker, the drifter has a tortured artist persona to him that some ladies just love. Buckle bunny Laramie is one of these swooning ladies and is very forward with her intentions. “Where did you come from?” Laramie asks Walker. “Nowhere!” he responds, all mysterious and melancholy. She secretly smiled and winked at him. Even in the car, Laramie tells Mia how hot she finds Walker.

Before she had the hots for Walker, Laramie was all over Lloyd. LLOYD! Even “Yellowstone” gave Lloyd a love interest and not Ryan. But hey, as the wise, old cowboys says, “She’s old enough to vote and buy bullets. Don’t blame me for her bad judgment.”

No judgment here!

Furthermore, Jamie has his campaign manager, Christina, who recently announced she was pregnant with Jamie’s child. However, after a bit of a falling out, she gives Jamie an ultimatum- his family or her and the baby. He has yet to make a decision, but this is the first girl Jamie has had eyes for the whole series. Beth also joked that he might be gay.

Finally, Colby and Teeter just realized their growing attraction for one another. They kissed after surviving an attack from Clint and Wade Marrow, so “Yellowstone” fans will see how this relationship develops.

Ryan is a Lone Wolf

Heck, I think that about covers the main cast, but the only one still left out to 3rd… I mean 5th, geez, a lot-wheel, is Ryan. It’s not like the cowboy is ugly or has any off features.

If Lloyd and Jimmy can get a girl, surely Ryan can too? Maybe he isn’t interested and is married to his work as a bunkhouse cowboy and livestock agent? Perhaps he is waiting for the right girl to ride into his life? Or maybe Mia and Laramie need to introduce Ryan to one of their buckle bunny friends.

Poor Ryan. The lone “Yellowstone” cowboy. I’m sure Taylor Sheridan is cooking something good up for you.