‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will Season 4 Address Forgotten Jamie Dutton Storyline?

by Kayla Zadel

On the surface, Jamie Dutton is one of the stable characters on the hit series “Yellowstone.” He’s a lawyer that’s loyal to his father, John Dutton, and the ranch as well. He’s always there when his dad needs him and he defends the ranch time and time again.

Even though this middle child of John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) is doing what he’s told, he still seems hated by his family. He’s treated like the black sheep. However, we do eventually learn where this hate comes from, especially from his sister Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly).

As the Paramount Series progresses, fans start to learn that Jamie’s (Wes Bentley) character is more complex. It’s almost as if he walks out from his father’s shadow and we start to see the layers peel back on the character.

But what about the “forgotten storyline?” We’ll set it up for you.

Jamie Dutton Meets Campaign Manager, Christina

Jamie Dutton finally gets the blessing from his father to step away from the ranch and follow one of his dreams. And that’s becoming the Montana Attorney General. Of course, John does have a hand in coming up with this scheme, as well as the Montana Governor and the retiring Attorney General. Jamie learns of the news and is appointed a campaign manager by the Governor. Enter Christina. He is running unopposed, but nonetheless, an official running for the position must take place.

Christina and Jamie hit it off right from the start. Though we might think that she has a hidden agenda, or might even be a spy of sorts. However, Jamie’s campaign doesn’t last long, because John realizes that he needs him to still be the ranch’s lawyer. John orders him to drop out of the running. And it seems like for the first time in Jamie’s life, he stands up to his father and tells him no. This obviously creates a divide between the two and Jamie seeks refuge at his new girlfriend’s apartment.

Their relationship doesn’t last long. Jamie returns to the ranch and begs for his father’s forgiveness. However, towards the end of season 2, Christina asks to meet with Jamie. Fan are left thinking it’s about the reporter that he killed, but his ex-girlfriend drops another bomb on him.

Christina is pregnant. She tells Jamie that if he wants to be a part of his child’s life that he better start fighting for his “new” family. Jamie tells Christina to keep the pregnancy under wraps until he figures out what to do next. Then that’s it. Nothing is mentioned in the third season about Christina or the pregnancy.

Will the Story Line Surface in Season 4?

Avid watchers and fans of “Yellowstone” are analyzing the fact that Christina and Jamie’s unborn child aren’t even brought up in the third installment. They’re airing their grievances and thoughts on Reddit.

One user writes, “Probably will be addressed in season 4.” This prompts the response from another follower, “Yes. It’ll play nicely with Jamie and him trying to find himself and his family.”

“I feel like this will be an intricate part of the long-term plot. Beth has always told Jamie she wishes she could take what he took away from her…so I see this as the foreshadowing of that. Could be totally wrong, but seems like a solid set up for it,” another person shares.

If you want our opinion, we think that Taylor Sheridan, show creator, planted this seed and can pick this storyline up at any time. It does tie in well with the fact that Jamie finds out in the third season that John and Evelyn are not his biological parents. Plus, he meets his biological father who offers him up a bit of unnerving advice.

However, there is the theory that Jamie dies in season 4. As always, read more about all things “Yellowstone” here.