‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will Walker Use Lloyd’s Insight to Betray the Dutton Family?

by Halle Ames

Will Walker set up the Dutton family with the insight that Lloyd let slip on Yellowstone? There is a possibility.

Walker is a wildcard on the Dutton’s property. He knows too much about the sketchy and illegal operations that go on and is a liability, to say the least. The cowboy is only loyal to himself and will work solely in his best interest, which, in our opinion, is just to lay low and keep his mouth shut.

In fact, theories have even been brought up regarding Walker’s loyalties. Is he potentially a double agent secretly working for Roarke and Market Equities and plotting to take down John Dutton and the Yellowstone ranch?

Since he was arrested and charged for murdering a man in a bar fight, Walker cannot leave the state of Montana. After being employed by John Dutton, he proceeded to foolishly take the brand. Now, Walker can not leave the Yellowstone ranch either… at least, alive. He feels trapped, just like he was in prison. The beautiful sprawling property isn’t a paradise or workplace but a literal hell on earth. Walker even says that prison was better than the Yellowstone.

In return, destroying the Duttons would secure his freedom. Walker could get back to his wandering ways of playing guitar in dive bars and cowboying on the side.

Does Lloyd Accidentally Spill the Beans?

But what insight does Walker gain from Lloyd? Lloyd is one of the most trusting men on the ranch. Loyal Lloyd is what we call him… Not really, but we should.

Well, when Rip and Lloyd were in one of these dive bars outside of town, they heard a familiar voice ringing through the stage microphone. The voice of a man they thought was dead and at the bottom of the train station cliff, rotting.

To their surprise, the voice of a very alive and well Walker catches their attention. After the cowboy packs up for the night, he is kidnapped and taken back to the Yellowstone ranch by Lloyd and Rip.

They proceed to make Walker prove his loyalty to the ranch by torturing another man. The man was Wade Marrow, and Walker was deemed the best suited to cut the massive “Y” brand out of his chest.

Walker Begins Questioning the Yellowstone

After his death, Lloyd and Walker drove Wade and his son Clint’s dead bodies to the train station to also disappear forever. This is the second time Walker has been here, so he catches on that the place is a popular dumping spot for the Duttons. Furthermore, he begins questioning Lloyd about the significance of this place and how frequently they utilize it.

Lloyd informs Walker that the reason the Yellowstone cowboys dump their enemies there is because of how secluded it is.

“Because no one lives within a hundred miles,” stated Lloyd. “It’s a county with no people, no sheriff, and no 12 jurors of your peers.”

“So, how many people have you dumped out there?” Walker asked.

Lloyd says that the West was won with all the skeletons filled at the bottom of that cliff. “Now, all you have to do is figure out how not to be one of them.”

But will he learn that lesson, or will Walker rat out the Duttons?