‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will Willa Hayes Actress Karen Pittman Return as an Enemy in Season 4?

by Jon D. B.

When Yellowstone finally returns with Season 4 come summer 2021, will Willa Hayes be in the fold? Beth Dutton’s Kelly Reilly certainly hopes so, as do fans!

In Season 3, Karen Pittman joined the Yellowstone cast as the sharp, ruthless Willa Hayes. A primary antagonist, Hayes has been the only true threat Beth Dutton has felt to her bones. At least, according to actress Kelly Reilly.

“For the first time Beth has an equal,” Reilly says in Yellowstone’s featurete: The New Women of Yellowstone Season 3.

“She’s formidable and just fierce. Karen who plays Willa, I just felt like her and I were gladiators,” Reilly adds. She also notes that acting opposite Pittman was “the most fun she had all season.”

In turn, Pittman herself says the show “literally fires your imagination in the best kind of ways.”

She notes that “Willa Hayes comes to Yellowstone to close a deal,” in Season 3, and we see the direct fallout of her rivalry with Beth. It’s brilliant to witness, and absolutely feels as if there’s much more to come. Right?

Come the end of Season 3, the lives of most of the Duttons hang in the balance. Characters like Willa Hayes and her business partner, Roarke Morris (Josh Holloway), however, are still alive and well. Surely, then, these two “villains” will be back to continue to make the Duttons’ lives hell.

‘Yellowstone’ Remains Tight-Lipped on Season 4

Unfortunately for fans, however, Yellowstone has been famously tight-lipped about Season 4. What we “know” so far comes only in the form of rumors and conjecture. So will Willa Hayes return?

So far, Karen Pittman has only starred in four episodes of the show. With this in mind, we’re betting on her return as Willa – as there’s a whole lot more turmoil to come. She, alongside Josh Holloway’s Roarke, were sold to audiences as primary threats. It would be harder to explain their absence than it would be to continue their story.

As such, Outsider is placing our horses on both Pittman and Holloway making a return – and in a big way.

For now, relive the best additions to the Season 3 cast with Paramount’s featurette below, with plenty of commentary from the stars of the show on what makes “The Women of Yellowstone” so phenomenal:

As for Karen Pittman herself, the actress has starred in a long-list of high-profile hits. Recently, she featured in Apple’s The Morning Show as Mia Jordan.

In addition, audiences have seen Pittman in Homeland, The Blacklist, Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix, and much more.

For official confirmation on Willa Hayes’ return, however, we’ll have to wait for that hotly-anticipated Yellowstone Season 4 trailer.