‘Yellowstone’ TV Wishes Forrie J. Smith, aka Lloyd, the ‘Happiest of Birthdays’

by Thad Mitchell

“Yellowstone” actor Forrie J. Smith is celebrating 62 years of life today and fans of the show are wishing him a happy birthday.

Smith, a cowboy in real life, plays a cowboy on screen as well. On the Paramount Network’s hit series, Smith plays Lloyd, the elder statesmen of the Yellowstone ranching crew. The “Yellowstone” Instagram page made sure he got his birthday recognition with a Saturday morning post.

“Wishing @forriejsmithcowboy the happiest of birthdays,” the social media post states.

Within an hour of going live, the Instagram post drew more than 15,000 “likes” and hundreds of comments. “Yellowstone” fans used the comments to wish the cowboy a happy birthday and to say they look forward to seeing Lloyd real soon.

‘Yellowstone’ Watchers Hope to See More of Lloyd in Season 4

Lloyd is the senior ranch hand on Yellowstone Ranch and serves as a mentor to the younger cowboys. He took a specific interest in Jimmy upon his arrival to the ranch. Making Jimmy into something of a protégé, Lloyd takes the newcomer under his wing and teaches him the ways of the ranch and how to fit in. He also teaches the young ranch hand how to rodeo.

Jimmy takes to riding bucking horses very quickly, which leads to a serious injury. His status for the upcoming season is unknown as we last saw him being bucked from a horse and lying face down in the dirt. If Jimmy is seriously injured or dead, it would likely take a toll on Lloyd as he was the one teaching Jimmy to ride.

Lloyd also has a special bond with Rip Wheeler, the head Yellowstone Ranch hand. Lloyd often assists Rip and is more than willing to get his hands dirty when called upon. In the first season, he took mouthy ranch hand, Fred, to the “train station,” which is code for killing him. Their friendship is cemented in season three when Rip asks Lloyd to be his best man when he marries Beth Dutton.

Smith is able to play a cowboy character so well because he draws off his experiences as a real-life cowboy. He grew up on a Montana Ranch only a few hours from where the “Yellowstone” series calls home.

With the fourth season of “Yellowstone” just around the corner, fans hope to see even more of Lloyd real soon.