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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is It Worth More On or Off Paramount+

by Kayla Zadel
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Paramount+ just launched, but to many subscribers’ surprise, their favorite western drama series is lacking from the lineup. Believe it or not, but “Yellowstone” is not available to stream on Paramount+, a name that the TV series has become synonymous with.

Now that we’ve addressed the who and what, it’s now time to to talk about the why.

Why ‘Yellowstone’ Isn’t Streaming on Paramount+

The short answer is, it all boils down to the almighty green dollar. Here’s the backstory – ViacomCBS is the parent company of Paramount+, formerly CBS All Access. The streaming service got a makeover with a new name and a library upgrade of content.

According to MSN, content licensing is a big moneymaker for ViacomCBS. As a matter of fact, the publication reports that it made around $6 billion alone from licensing various programs. That counted as a quarter of its income.

So that means that that the media conglomerate is hedging their bet that “Yellowstone” will be worth more off its new streaming service (for now).

As confusing as that is, fans of the mafia-like series that’s set in the wild west will have to continue to stream the show on Peacock. Peacock, which is actually a rival to Paraount+, has the exclusive streaming rights for the first three seasons of “Yellowstone.”

The fourth season is premiering this year in June, and it will be available to watch on Peacock as well.

Paramount+ to Get ‘Yellowstone’ Spinoff Content

The streaming wars continue, but Paramount+ is beefing up its roster with a couple of “Yellowstone” spinoff series.

First up, there’s the prequel to “Yellowstone.” The announcement came during this year’s Super Bowl. The show “Y:1883” follows the major “Yellowstone” family name, the Duttons. The show is set to tell their story of how they traveled to Montana and ended up claiming 500,000 acres as their own.

Then, “Yellowstone” co-creator Taylor Sheridan booked another spinoff series, titled “6666.” This series in the Sheridan western-esque universe takes place in Texas. There have been reports that the timeline for this franchise will either coincide with the storyline of “Yellowstone,” or be sort of like a “life after the Dutton ranch.”

What’s more, the iconic 6666 Ranch is a real piece of property in Texas. It’s referred to as the Four Sixes Ranch and is fully functioning today.

Additionally, Sheridan’s sticking with the Texas theme. The native of the state is also working on a series called “Land Man.” Sheridan says on his new show, “the oil boom and bust of West Texas. It really focuses on greed. The very best and the very worst of man, of humanity. And that is a story worth telling and exploring.” 

And guess what? “Land Man” is set to stream on Paramount+.