‘Yellowstone’ TV: Would the Duttons Survive the Season 3 Attacks in Real Life?

by Katie Maloney

Yellowstone fans, could the Dutton’s survive explosions and gunshot wounds in real life?

We can’t wait for the next season of Yellowstone to premiere, so we’re doing what every good fan does: We’re pretending like the characters are real-life people and we’re hypothesizing about their fate.

The season three finale left us with some cliffhangers, namely life-threatening attacks on three of the Dutton family members. The show gave us no indication as to how the characters faired the attacks, so we have to take matters into our own hands. Some might say we’ve lost all connection with reality, some would say we’re simply dedicated Yellowstone fans. Regardless, we’ve joined Reddit fans in debating whether or not the Dutton’s would survive the onscreen attacks in real life. Here’s what people are saying.

The heated scene that preceded the attacks on The Duttons in Yellowstone.

Would Yellowstone‘s Beth Dutton Survive the Blast?

During the Yellowstone season three finale, John Dutton was caught in a drive-by shooting. Although a scene showed him still alive on the side of the road, he was dealing with several bullet wounds. Beth Dutton and her secretary were in Beth’s office when a bomb, that was sent to her office, exploded in the building. A group of shooters tried to kill Kayce Dutton. However, he was able to knock over a table to provide some cover. The show gave no hints as to whether or not the Dutton’s survived the attacks. So, is it realistic to believe that they could have?

One Reddit user, NSGACT1985, weighed in. They said, “With the size of the explosion, Beth’s proximity to the box, and the fact she was standing behind a glass desk…her likelihood of surviving is almost nil. In real life, I would say she would mercifully not survive.”

The user also talked about John’s accident. “John took rounds to the trunk of his body. We do know it was a high-powered rifle at fairly close range; we don’t know if any major organs were hit,” NSGACT198 said.

Is John Dutton Too Far From Help?

The user added that John’s proximity to help makes it unlikely that he’d survive if the accident occurred off the Yellowstone set.

“The other thing working against him is he is in a remote area, a long way from help. In this situation where minutes count, he’s IMHO too many minutes from someone getting to him, and then getting him to a Level I Trauma Center which would take a Life Flight helicopter,” said the user. “Again, talking real-life situation, I give John a slim chance at survival.”

While many fans have their doubts, we’ve got all our fingers crossed that our favorite Yellowstone characters will be returning for Season 4, whether it’s realistic or not.