‘Yellowstone’ TV: Young Cole Hauser Adoringly Looks at Wife in Sweet Throwback Pic

by Thad Mitchell

You wouldn’t know it from his character on Yellowstone, but actor Cole Hauser seems to be the romantic type.

Hauser plays the intimidating cowboy in black, Rip Wheeler, on the heavily popular Paramount Network series. Wheeler is a man’s man who is always ready and willing to take Yellowtone Ranch’s dirty work. Whether it’s wrangling horses, putting up fences or killing off enemies, Rip Wheeler is the man for the job.

Away from set, Hauser has a young and growing family. He’s been married to Cynthia Hauser for several years and the couple has three children. Their kids’ names are Ryland, Steely Rose, and Colt Daniel.

Cynthia recently took to social media to post a throwback photo of her and her husband before they were married. The pic shows the couple looking fondly at each other. She says the black and white photo is from 24 years ago.

“Young love,” she says in the Thursday social media post. She includes several heart emojis at the end of the caption and also tags her husband in the post. The photo took in more than 3,000 “likes” and dozens of comments. Many posters congratulated the Hausers on a beautiful family and success they have found in their careers.

Yellowstone Offseason Gives Hauser Family Time Together

With Yellowstone currently between seasons, the Hauser family is getting the opportunity for quality time together. Recent social media posts suggest the family enjoys skiing, fishing and camping together.

Hauser’s Yellowstone character, Rip, expects to take on an even larger role moving forward. His adopted family, the Duttons, came under attack at the end of season four. It would surprise no one to see Rip seek revenge for the people he loves, including his fiancée, Beth Dutton.

The fourth season of Yellowstone will likely revolve around the fallout from the attacks on the Dutton family. Along with Beth, John and Kayce Dutton were also ambushed at the season’s end. Like most fans, we can’t wait to see what Rip will do once he discovers who carried out the attacks.

With season four inching ever closer, we won’t have to wait much longer for answers. Check out more of the latest on Yellowstone here.