‘Yellowstone’ TV: Young John Dutton Actor Josh Lucas Describes How His Role Is Difficult

by Jon D. B.

“Kevin is an icon for a reason.” While chatting up his new film, The Forever Purge, Collider took the chance to ask Josh Lucas about being tasked as a young Kevin Costner for Yellowstone.

“Anytime you’re playing a personality that’s iconic and real, it’s harder to do it when the person is an actor,” reveals Lucas Wednesday. His sit down with Collider touches on many things. But for us Outsiders, his dichotomy with screen icon Kevin Costner – both men playing John Dutton for Yellowstone – is by far the most intriguing.

“I’ve had it happen a couple of times,” the actor recalls of previous projects – all of which he wound up playing the younger version of an iconic actor’s character. “With Don Haskins for Glory Road, I had the real coach there with me, helping me through it. It’s an amazing challenge,” he says of the first.

For the second, Yellowstone‘s Josh Lucas “got a call from Fred Schepisi,” who he describes as “this really cool Australian director.”

Schepisi wanted Lucas for the younger version of Paul Newman within Empire Falls, “a TV series that we did quite a while back.”

With Kevin Costner and his now-iconic Dutton patriarch, however, everything would be “different.”

“With Kevin, it was different because it was Taylor Sheridan. I really like Taylor – I think he’s a fascinating, amazing screenwriter and storyteller,” Lucas tells Collider. “I really find Taylor’s work extraordinary.”

Josh Lucas on Playing a Youthful John Dutton for ‘Yellowstone’: “I was very, very honored”

Lucas holds nothing but the highest praise for both men. And when it comes to Kevin Costner, the actor says he is of a whole different class.

“I sometimes find these people in my life who I’ll reach out to and say, “Look, I’ll be an extra for you,” and Kevin is one of those people,” he continues. “I was very, very honored to go do it… Kevin is an icon for a reason.”

With the excellence Lucas brought to a younger John Dutton, Collider is as curious as the rest of us if he’ll be back for more Yellowstone. His answer?

“Please write it, I would love to. I really would,” he declares, presumably for Taylor Sheridan.

“I really liked doing that show. There’s even been some talk of doing whole flashback episodes,” Lucas reveals in a complete bombshell. That’s his hope, anyway, as he continues. The actor doesn’t know the ifs or whens of such a thing, but he’s absolutely “open to it.”

All in all, Josh Lucas describes Yellowstone as “one of the most beautiful shows that I’ve ever been a part of.” In terms of landscapes, sets, and vistas – which he loves – he says “Even getting to set can be extraordinarily challenging, where you’re like taking an ATV to a horse, and then taking a horse to set.”

“It’s the best,” he concludes. Spoken like a true Outsider, Mr. Lucas! We couldn’t agree more. Here’s to hoping for those flashbacks in Yellowstone Season 5. Or Season 4 this fall, if Lucas is being coy…