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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Young John Dutton Actor Josh Lucas Revealed Kevin Costner Wasn’t Around When He Was Filming

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

As far as we know, filming a TV series isn’t like playing a football game. There’s no bench for the actors to sit on as the first-string of stars completes their scenes. Although, there might be a pitcher of Gatorade at the craft service table. Because the stars already know the game plan, it’s not surprising that Yellowstone star Kevin Costner isn’t around for takes that don’t involve him.

However, for scenes that involve a “younger version” of themselves, some actors like to stick around to either help coach the younger actors or just to witness how they portray the character. This isn’t the case for Kevin Costner, who plays one of the main characters on Yellowstone, John Dutton.

Actor Josh Lucas portrays the younger version of Dutton on the show, as seen in flashback scenes. So far, young Dutton has appeared in scenes while talking to his deceased dad, sharing an intimate moment with his wife and managing his ranch.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Is ‘Honored’ To Work With Costner

Having to capture a persona is already a hard task. Having to portray another actor’s character is twice as hard. Josh Lucas told Collider that playing the younger version of any character is a tough challenge.

“Anytime you’re playing a personality that’s iconic and real, it’s harder to do it when the person is an actor,” Lucas said. “I’ve had it happen a couple of times.”

Despite the challenge, it’s Yellowstone’s director and star actor that make the show worth the effort. The guest actor gushed about director Taylor Sheridan, calling him “a fascinating, amazing screenwriter and storyteller.”

“I was very, very honored to go do it,” Lucas shared. “I really find Taylor’s work extraordinary, and Kevin is an icon for a reason.”

Lucas Is Relieved Costner Isn’t Present During Filming

Although some actors would welcome the attention from the present-day star, Yellowstone actor Josh Lucas explained that the situation actually works out for both of them. For Kevin Costner, he’s free to run lines or take a well-deserved break. For Lucas, he can perform without feeling the need to impress the original actor.

This wasn’t a happy coincidence. In fact, Lucas planned for Costner’s absence with director Taylor Sheridan.

“We’re almost kept separate on purpose. Taylor and I talked about the idea of The Godfather,” Lucas said. “When [Robert] De Niro was playing Brando, he wasn’t attempting to look or act like Marlon Brando. He was attempting to play the character. That’s what we talked about.”

And it seems Lucas and Sheridan’s idea was a success. Lucas plays an authentic version of John Dutton that doesn’t harken too heavily to his current characteristics. The Yellowstone actor achieved the balance between honoring John Dutton’s present personality, while revealing hidden parts of it as well.

Here’s hoping we see more flashbacks of John Dutton’s past in Season 4.