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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Young John Dutton Actor Josh Lucas Reveals ‘Whole Flashback Episodes’ Could Be a Possibility

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

“That is my hope,” says Yellowstone actor Josh Lucas, who audiences know as the young John Dutton. Speaking to Collider on his newest film, The Forever Purge, Lucas dropped an absolute bombshell on Western fans when he revealed that “whole flashback episodes” have been discussed and are, in fact, on the table for Yellowstone.

While his screen-time has been relatively brief, Josh Lucas undeniably made a lasting impression as a more youthful John Dutton for Yellowstone Season 1. So much so, in fact, that the show would bring him back in Season 2 for another flashback.

He didn’t, however, show for Season 3. But Collider is as curious as the rest of us if Josh Lucas will ever return to the #1 show on cable television.

“Please write it, I would love to. I really would,” he tells the trade Wednesday. “I really liked doing that show.”

Yet its the next part of his statement that has the ol’ Outsider wheels turning. Could we see entire episodes featuring Josh Lucas as a young John Dutton? The Yellowstone star says yes. Not only yes, but that the talks have already occurred.

“There’s even been some talk of doing whole flashback episodes,” Lucas offers. “That is my hope. I don’t know if or when that’ll happen, but I’m open to it, that’s for sure . . . It’s one of the most beautiful shows that I’ve ever been a part of, in terms of the landscapes,” he tells Collider.

What Would a ‘Yellowstone’ Young John Dutton Episode – or Spinoff – Look Like?

Lucas may not know “if” or “when” as he states, but talks of such episodes alone is enough to thrill Yellowstone fans.

For many, the prospect of pairing Josh Lucas with Young Rip Wheeler actor Kyle Red Silverstein is just as enticing – if not more so – than his solo return. Silverstein has proven integral to Yellowstone‘s plot, his Young Rip flashbacks holding deep implications not only for John, but also for his daughter, Beth.

Watching the beginning of John and Rip’s relationship proved a series highlight for audiences. And with an official Yellowstone prequel in the works (Y:1883), it’s not a stretch to imagine a more recent-in-time series harkening back to these two as played by Lucas and Silverstein.

Lucas’ John having to manage both an unruly young Rip and a teenage daughter falling in love with the orphan (which leads to one of the most devastating reveals in the show’s history), there’s so much left to explore in the earlier lives of these fascinating characters.

We know precious little of John’s father, John Dutton Sr. (Dabney Coleman), too. After his death, he left his family’s entire legacy to his son. Beyond this, and not getting to Evelyn Dutton (John Jr.’s wife) in time to save her, fans are eager to know how Kevin Costner’s John became the man he is. And there’s no better way to get to know a man than through the sins of his father.

Whether this happens in flashback episodes, as Josh Lucas says, or a full Yellowstone flashback remains to be seen. But one thing’s for certain: audiences – and us Outsiders- would absolutely eat it up.