‘Yellowstone’ Uploads ‘Long Black Train’ Clip That Perfectly Sums Up People Who Don’t Watch Show

by Jon D. B.

Look, we’re not saying non-watchers should be taken to the “Train Station”… but Yellowstone is. Cue the country, Lloyd.

“When someone says they don’t watch Yellowstone,” the show’s official Instagram captions the clip. It’s a hilarious gesture from the show’s marketing team with some (ahem) dark implications.

No fan of Paramount’s modern, down & dirty Western needs reminding of what the “Train Station” is. It’s a one-way train so effective, so grim, that’ we continually capitalize it for emphasis.

For those playing the home game, however, allow us to elaborate.

“Where we goin?” numbskull and former-ranch-hand Fred asks as they cross the Wyoming border via Lloyd’s driving. We refer to him as “former-ranch-hand” because he’s dead. Lloyd took this dumb lug for a ride on the “Long Black Train” (also capitalized for emphasis), and the world never heard from Fred again. That’s what he gets for picking on Jimmy, right?

“Train Station,” Lloyd finally replies as he turns up the country music on the radio. Nothing says “shut up” during a car ride quite like someone turning up the radio, does it? And Lloyd makes it look so effortless:

Lloyd Disposes of Fred: Relive the Full ‘Yellowstone’ Scene

Our Fred-bashing may seem a bit severe to some. This “some,” however, would be the same people who don’t really watch Yellowstone. What kind of jack*ss picks on a kid a tenth his size? Fred, that’s who. Luckily for Jimmy, Rip was on hand to deck Fred and protect the scrawny rodeo-hopeful.

After being put in his place once, Fred continues to spout off about the Duttons and their ranch while riding with Lloyd to – you guessed it – the “Train Station.”

“F*ck this ranch,” he mumbles like a toddler. “F*ck John Dutton and f*ck you!”

This guy is clearly thicker than an iceberg. As such, Lloyd simply pulls over, tosses Fred’s belongings over the cliff, and waits.

“This ain’t no train station,” Fred spouts.

“Sure it is,” Lloyd replies perfectly. “It’s the long, black train.”

What a line. Relive the entire Yellowstone sequence below and lose any and all remorse you may hold over us being mean to poor ol’ Fred:

Again, Outsider is definitely not endorsing this as a course of action for people who don’t watch Yellowstone. For any beef in this department, please take up your concerns with the show’s masterful, if somewhat questionable, social media team.