‘Yellowstone’ Viewers Hope This Fan-Favorite Character Returns to the Show

by Leanne Stahulak
Courtesy of Paramount Network.

Part of what makes “Yellowstone” so great is the character development and intriguing storylines that we just can’t get enough of. But what happened to this particular character in Season 4?

One “Yellowstone” fan on Reddit posed this question earlier, asking about a character we haven’t seen since the end of Season 3: Governor Lynelle Perry (Wendy Moniz).

“Where is she? She hasn’t appeared in season 4 so far and I’m worried! She’s a great character,” the original poster wrote.

If fans will remember, when we left off with Lynelle, she’d just sided with Market Equities at the end of “Yellowstone” Season 3. If John refused to sell the land the company wanted for their airport, then only the governor could press the Attorney General to condemn the land for the state. With the number of jobs and potential revenue coming in from Market Equities’ plan, Lynelle felt she had no choice.

John definitely felt betrayed by Lynelle’s actions. And that’s why, as this Reddit commenter states, they’re likely not involved romantically anymore.

“I think it’s more or less implied toward the end of Season 3 that they’re probably done romantically when she doesn’t run interference for him in the Market Equities deal,” the “Yellowstone” fan wrote.

“Their conversations in earlier seasons about still loving their deceased spouses give the impression that what they have is more casual. Though we know John’s definition of loyalty is very what-have-you-done-for-me-lately. So it’s not a surprise that he’s not too keen to sleep with someone who he doesn’t perceive as an ‘ally’ anymore,” the user concluded.

That explains why the governor’s been missing in certain romantic scenes. But what about political scenes?

When Will We See Governor Lynelle Perry in a More Political Context on ‘Yellowstone?’

Jamie Dutton definitely works closely with Governor Lynelle Perry as the Attorney General. We should be seeing more scenes with them, talking about Montana’s future and whatnot. Especially with Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver) and Market Equities still in the picture.

And, as one Reddit commenter pointed out, let’s not forget about Kayce. During the “Yellowstone” Season 3 finale, several key commissioners approached Kayce about running for governor once Lynelle terms out. Has he started thinking seriously about their proposition? And if so, he better get a campaign up and running fast.

Either way, this Outsider thinks that we’ll definitely be seeing Lynelle at some point during Season 4. After all, Wendy Moniz actively participated in different promos leading up to the debut of Season 4. Why would she participate in those if her character wasn’t coming back to “Yellowstone?”

We’ll have to assume for now that some kind of crap will hit the fan politically in future episodes, and the governor will be right in the thick of it.