‘Yellowstone’ Viewers Raging After Season 5 Premiere Not Airing on Paramount+

by Suzanne Halliburton

The long-awaited season five premiere of Yellowstone debuted on multiple channels Sunday night. But some fans couldn’t find the show.

That’s because they were assuming the show was on Paramount+, the CBS-owned streaming service. But the series is on the Paramount cable channel.

The Yellowstone social media account hyped the premiere, only to get blasted by some angry folks who wanted to see John Dutton, Beth and Rip and all the other brilliant characters.

The Twitter account wrote: “When we hear that theme song, all is right in the world.”That should be a positive, if not benign, statement. But it wasn’t. Fans ripped away.

One fan wrote: “Thanks for nothing Paramount, where’s Yellowstone? Wife’s having a cow and you can’t deliver!”

Another fan tweeted: “Why tf can I not watch Yellowstone on Paramount +?” Still another noted that the show wasn’t on the Paramount app. Obviously, Yellowstone fans are a passionate bunch who are desperate for their fix.

The fans kept raging: “That’s my mom’s issue too. No Paramount on her cable co so she added Paramount+. Still can’t watch, it’s so wrong. Paramount+ fix your crap show it live or loose your subscribers. Everyone should unsubscribe tonight.”

Yellowstone fans truly are passionate about their show. More than 11 million tuned in for the season four finale, making the series the most watched drama across network, cable and premium channels.

Fans can find it on Paramount on cable. Or, there are live streaming services that are showing the series tonight. Those include Philo, Fubo TV, Sling TV and Hulu + Live TV.

But there were some early streaming issues, namely with Philo. The streaming service addressed the problem via social media. “We are currently experiencing a service outage, and our engineering team is working on restoring things as quickly as possible,” the service tweeted. “We will post updates on http://status.philo.com as they become available. We’re very sorry for the disruption!”

Earlier, Philo reported that reruns of Yellowstone, as fans got pumped for the premiere, ranked the series at No. 20 this past week. And again, those were reruns. Here’s an interesting demo. The series ranked in the top 10 in the following states — South Dakota, Idaho, North Dakota, Montana, Iowa, Oklahoma, Utah, West Virginia, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Kentucky, New Mexico, Colorado and Missouri.