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‘Yellowstone’: Watch Beth Dutton and Jacki Weaver Go Toe to Toe in Episode 4

by Jennifer Shea
Paramount Network

In the wake of Yellowstone’s Season 4, Episode 4 airing, the official Yellowstone Twitter account is going back over some highlights. And that definitely includes Beth Dutton’s (Kelly Reilly) face-to-face meeting with Market Equities CEO Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver).

“Watching this Beth and Caroline meeting on repeat,” Yellowstone tweeted Monday.

In the clip, Beth is deliberately abrasive, joining the conversation with an observation and a challenge: “Say hello to the new boss. Same as the old boss.”

“I’m very different from the old boss, Beth,” Warner retorts. She then launches into a tale of how she climbed the corporate ladder in the days when it was greased to prevent women from ascending it. She stepped over “some little b—h like you on every rung,” she adds.

“The big dog is off the porch now, Beth,” Warner concludes. “And I will tear you to f—ing pieces.”

Warner tells the Yellowstone femme fatale that she faces two doors. Door number one is an SEC investigation into Beth for insider trading and market manipulation. Door number two? Beth can join forces with Market Equities.

Warner wants to make an offer on the land trust that Beth assembled when she was with Schwartz & Meyer. Beth tells her that it’s not for sale, but Warner comes back with another offer: “Come and work for us. And I’ll help you defend it [the ranch].”

And what would Beth do for them? Warner wants her to help Market Equities develop Montana. She wants a destination town in every valley. And she wants Beth to name her price.

Beth’s price? Market Equities’ controlling interest in Schwartz & Meyer. She wants to ruin Bob Schwartz (Michael Nouri) as payback for abandoning her in her hour of need. And she clearly doesn’t think Warner will meet her terms.

Watch the showdown here:

Yellowstone’s Beth Dutton Faces Multiple Challenges in Season 4

But Warner is not the only challenge Beth faces this season. She’s decided to tackle raising Carter (Finn Little), an orphaned youth who’s had a troubled childhood. The kid promptly makes her realize that she has no idea how to be a parent, and, after Carter defies her authority in a department store, that she’s not even sure she wants to anymore.

Right now, it’s up to Rip (Cole Hauser) to instill a little discipline in the boy. All the same, raising Carter could strain the couple’s relationship just when they looked about ready to settle down together. Yellowstone fans would hate to see them fall apart, but it’s a possibility.

To John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) horror, Beth has also taken on another task. She wants to find her dad a girlfriend. It will be interesting to see what Beth comes up with there. After all, when Beth is determined to accomplish something, she typically gets her way.

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