‘Yellowstone’: Watch the Bunkhouse Cowboys Play Hilarious Game of ‘Ready, Aim, Draw’

by Jonathan Howard

One of the best things that Yellowstone does is have these bunkhouse moments like Ready, Aim, Draw on their YouTube page. Jefferson White is almost always included in these videos and for good reason. He just knows to have fun, and he knows the show inside and out.

So how is this for a crew? White, along with Denim Richards and Ian Bohen. That’s a trio that I could spend a night drinking beers with or playing a few hands of poker. Bunkhouse style. In this new game, basically Pictionary but with Yellowstone-based drawings and clues, each player takes turns drawing.

As they draw, the other players start to guess what they are drawing. It can be anything from the show. And it can be as simple or complex, literal, or abstract as they liked. From cowboy hats to characters, inside jokes to scenes from the show. Check out the video below and see for yourself.

Personally, my favorite part of the video has to be the moment when White decides to just list the most depressing concepts he can think of. Despair. Sadness. It was all there, and while it was very on-brand for the show, it was hilarious seeing the upbeat and positive actor list off all of the doom and gloom answers.

It appears that Bohen’s strategy of just listing off terms associated with the show worked out in the end. According to the scoreboard, one which he made himself, the Ryan actor won out over his other costars.

The guys in the Yellowstone bunkhouse know how to have fun, that’s for sure. They keep us entertained during the downtime between seasons and for that, we are in their debt.

‘Yellowstone’ Bunkhouse Boys Know How to Entertain

It was just on Mother’s Day earlier this month when we heard from the Yellowstone bunkhouse boys. They were happy to celebrate the day and celebrate the mom’s in their lives. Of course, all of the moms and the grandmas are big fans of the show. Who wouldn’t be? The Dutton story is for everyone.

“I think she seems to know so much more about everybody else that I work with somehow,” Richards explained. “I’ll get a phone call and I’ll be like, ‘Oh, hey, like, how’s it going?’ Like, ‘Oh, great. Do you see that Jeff was doing something?'”

With all of that love and support from their families, it is no wonder why these actors find it so fun to be on the show. Not only is it a great story, but it is one that the whole family can enjoy in many ways, even mom and grandma.