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‘Yellowstone’: Watch Cole Hauser Bust Out the Dance Moves on ‘Paradise’ Vacation With Wife Cynthia Daniel

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

Yellowstone star Cole Hauser and his wife, Cynthia, are taking a well-deserved vacation to the British Virgin Islands in Anguilla. To say we’re jealous is putting it lightly. The two lovebirds headed to white sand beaches where the cocktails are bottomless and the horizon is endless. Naturally, Cynthia had to post some photos of the spectacular views of the beach and her partner in crime.

First, she showed off where they would be staying for the duration of their trip. In a clip that toured the dreamlike destination, you can see Cole Hauser doing a happy dance by the bar.

“We made it to paradise,” Cynthia shared, tagging her hubby.

Cynthia Hauser Poses with Her Oldest Son While Touring the Caribbean Sea

This was only one edition of the many series that the Yellowstone wife has posted since she and Cole Hauser arrived in Anguilla. Shortly after showing off their luxurious vacation house, Cynthia posted a couple of beachfront photos. The first featured her with a pair of chic shades in front of a crystal blue Caribbean Sea. The second was a postcard-worthy shot of their destination, and the third was a sweet shot of herself cozying up to Cole during their “island time.”

Of course, she had to post a photo with Cole’s mini-me, otherwise known as Ky, the couple’s teenage son. Apparently, Ky tagged along for the tropical vacation, and from the looks of the island and the vacation home, we can’t blame him.

Cynthia shared a sunny smile with her oldest child while they cruised the aquamarine waters on a boat.

How ‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Successfully Allots Time for Work and Family

With the rigorous schedule that Yellowstone demands, it’s hard to imagine that Cole Hauser has time to escape to an island getaway with his best gal. But according to the actor behind Rip Wheeler, he has a very strict rule about keeping work and home life separate.

“I am pretty good about compartmentalizing working and family,” he said in a 2020 interview with The Havok Journal

This is precisely why Cole, Cynthia and Ky are able to so easily melt into island time during their trip to Anguilla. Because of the Yellowstone star’s mindset, he keeps the show back in Montana.

He continued, “I am always making time for each and every one of my children and also my wife, also, as a family together. I am good about making time for the whole family. You have to figure that balance out. But as a father and a husband you have to make the time and work just as hard at it.”