‘Yellowstone’: Were All of the Hits on the Duttons Organized By One Group?

by Joe Rutland

Everybody is hyped over “Yellowstone” kicking off its fourth season. Some fans, though, are wondering about those hits on the Duttons.

Mainly, they are asking if all of them were organized by one group or not. This is simply a fantastic question to ponder. Outsiders may be doing it themselves after getting a look at the new season’s trailer that was released on Thursday.

It stirred up a Reddit board question on the subject matter. The question is this: “Do you think the hits on the Duttons are all organized by one party?”

Redditor OtisKaplan wrote about “Yellowstone” this season, “We got Angela Blue Thunder and Rainwater, Market Equities and Sawyer, and Randall/Jamie. All three parties benefit from these attacks and have all hinted towards hurting the Duttons at the end of season 3.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Recalls Another Theory That Has Floated Around

Another Redditor, och_elo, wrote, “Wasn’t there some fan theory that the bad guys from Season 2 are involved as well? I still have no idea what to make of everything, but my prediction that goes against the grain is Randall/Jamie had nothing to do with it.”

This writer added that he thought the phone call with Rip when Season 3 ended was “a head fake.” och_elo added that this season on “Yellowstone” will be “a redemption arc” for Jamie.

There’s more to his response, but we’re going to add some other thoughts to this question.

GoodShark replied to och_elo, “I hope Jamie comes back into the fold. I don’t like the direction they took him in. We’ll see.”

Thread starter OtisKaplan wrote, “I think Angela beat Market Equities and Sawyer to attacking Kayce and Beth. And the van drive by with John on the side of the road (heading towards the ranch) can very well be organized by Randall/Jamie.”

Read more from this poster and others in the Reddit thread. It’s all about what the Duttons might face on “Yellowstone” this season.

TV Show Gets Marathon Episode Treatment On Paramount

If there are any Outsiders who want to catch up on “Yellowstone” before Season 4 launches, then you are in luck.

The Paramount Network is planning on showing all of the first three seasons’ episodes over the Labor Day weekend. Even if you are a devoted fan, then you can rewatch them, too.

A Reddit thread said that the show will air a five-minute preview for Season 4 on Friday between 7:30-7:35 p.m. Eastern, 6:30-6:35 pm. Central. That’s backed up by the network’s website which said the preview will air after a Denzel Washington movie, “Man on Fire.”

Of course, there’s always a possibility that the preview airs again during the marathon. But you might want to get that TV of yours turned on Friday night.